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What The Law Expected You To Do After An Accident

Auto insurance law is self explanatory and the rules and procedures to be followed in case a car accident occurs can be accessed from a number of resources like the driver’s handbook for the respective states and in this technological era, everything is on the internet. There are certain ways you may carry yourself after an accident and these guidelines point them out in detail, however, we are going to have a broader look at the subject. They are drawn from the Transportation code that is unique to every state and the governing bodies that enforce and regulate these rules are the respective Departments of Insurance for each state. The commonest law of the land is the carrying of financial responsibility for each and every citizen as a mandatory requirement in the event one causes an accident.

This responsibility can be in the form of various aspects but the most common way to obtain it in the US is by buying cheap car insurance. Most of the states require you have a minimum liability insurance each and every time you get behind the wheel. The minimum amount is determined by all the individual states under the auto insurance laws that govern them. In essence the basic minimum coverage will cover for the injury or death of an individual or individuals in case of a vehicle accident and also protect your property. This law is meant to protect the other motorist should you be the one who caused the accident.

In general, when you get into an auto accident, the rule is, you are supposed to stop immediately if the cars are still in a movable condition. Make room for the rest of the traffic to flow by parking on the side of the road. However, if the accident is a bit more serious and the cars cannot move, get anyone trapped out of the mangle and call 911 if there are injuries. Exchange vital information with the other motorist that may aid in settling claims and resolving the matter smoothly. Such information may include the name of the motorist, their license and registration information, the contacts of their insurance carrier, their social security numbers, and telephone number and so on. It is also wise to get contact information from witnesses at the scene that can corroborate your version of what aspired. Contact your auto insurance carrier and give them what you have gathered.

Under the law, if the accident is serious as to result in death or injury of a person or persons, you are required to inform the local police immediately. Getting a copy of the police report and handing it over to your carrier is also highly recommended.

In conclusion, auto insurance laws also protect you from unscrupulous insurance agents and companies that may want to make your rates higher after an accident has occurred sighting you are a risk. Refusal to renew your insurance policy is also not acceptable and there are channels that one can follow to remedy such situations. Your local department of Insurance is the best place to start. The law courts of justice will also address such issues.

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