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Ways To Deal With First Time DUI Offence According To Auto Insurance Laws In America

Auto Insurance Laws dictate that once you are arrested on suspicion of DWI or DUI, your driver’s license is immediately suspended. The length of the suspension of your license is left to the courts to decide after weighing the circumstances surrounding your arrest. Whether you are a first time offender or not, there are no special privileges accorded to first time offenders. Such strict measures are put in place to permanently deter first time offenders from repeating the DUI felonies again. In most states, the law clearly states that an intoxicated person is one whose blood alcohol concentration is above the limit set by the state or someone who has little or no control over their mental senses as a result of consumption of alcohol or any controlled substances. Each state has its own set limit according to its law when it comes to blood alcohol concentration and DUIs.

The discretion of whether to stop a driver for DUI or not is left to the judgment of the police officer in the field. Before stopping you to investigate for drunken driving, the police officer has to make a judgment call on whether you are driving recklessly or not. Once the officer stops you, he or she will have to collect sufficient evidence from you to prove that you were driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The evidence collected includes breath, blood samples as well as physical tests to gauge your level of intoxication. During commission of these tests, the police officer’s car has a dashboard camera that records you going through the drills that they have suggested and can be presented in court as additional evidence. In some cases, the individual may be too intoxicated to perform these physical tests. If this is the case, the officer will testify as to why they were unable to run the physical tests in the field and must have the footage from his car to prove so.

On conviction of DWI or DUI, depending on the gravity of the offence, you may be put under probation or may have to serve a jail term according to your charges. Auto Insurance Laws in America basically state that first time offenders can be put under probation for 2 years plus additional fines and fees may be attached to it. As stated earlier, each state has its own laws regarding DUIs. The difference comes in when it is sentencing time. In some states, first time offenders may walk away with a slap on the wrist or a small fine while stricter states may decide to make an example out of you. Despite the court mandated fines and penalties, you will also have to pay for your legal fees plus the additional premiums that will be added to your auto insurance policy after you are done with the case.

Once you have been arrested once for this offence, it sets a bad image for you to your insurer and it will take a while for you to go back to your previous premiums. For more information about car insurance policy, all you need to do is enter your Zip above and we will get you the information you need.