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Ways To Cut Out Auto Insurance Cost When Adding Teens To The Policy

You cannot believe the day has come this quickly and you are already celebrating your little boys sixteenth birthday. A sixteenth birthday is a big deal for the entire family. It means freedom to your teenager and the ability to drive a car. It also means worry and additional auto insurance cost for you. The truth is, neither of you can really be prepared for this day. The additional stress of a teenager driver especially a new driver to a family is substantial and so is the cost to add them to your insurance.

Adding a teen driver to your existing policy will probably mean a rate increase for you. Insurance companies increase rates on policies whenever drivers are added. However, if you are adding a student to your policy, make sure to check with your insurance carrier to see if there are any specific discounts or offerings for student drivers.

Some auto insurance carrier cost will offer specific discounts for students who get good grades. Usually, an average or greater may give you a slight break on the overall cost. Another way to reduce the cost of the insurance rate is by raising the deductible. By taking a higher deductible, you may be able to lower your monthly costs. If you know which car your teen will be primarily using, giving that specific car to the insurance carrier may help to lower your rate. A car that is rated safer and one that is not categorized as either a luxury car or a sports car will lower the rates substantially. Allocating one car for your teen to drive could reduce the overall cost to your insurance as well.

Another good way to lower your driver insurance cost when adding your teen is by comparison shopping. How long has it been since you have comparison shopped for a new policy? Chances are, if you are happy with your carrier, you haven’t researched potential savings. Now may be the perfect time to get quotes from competing auto insurance companies to make sure you are getting the best deal possible.

With so many competing auto insurance company cost by entering the market, auto insurance costs have continued to decrease. They are all competing for a corner on the market. Since you are adding to or changing your policy anyway, now is the best time to find out if you are paying too much for your auto insurance. Comparing your policy to others has never been easier than it is now. Just enter your zip code and within minutes, you will get a price comparison quote from several carriers. Why wait when you could be saving hundreds on your auto insurance starting today? Taking three minutes to do a comparison of auto insurance cost could potential save you money.