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Things You Need To Know About Car Insurance Laws

Just like many states all over the US, car insurance is very important and each state has taken upon itself to protect the lives of its citizens by making it mandatory to have minimum liability insurance for motor vehicle owners and drivers. Minimum liability insurance in this case means that the drivers have to show proof that they can be able to pay for costs and expenses related to bodily harm or damage to property that may arise if they cause an accident. Car insurance in US is regulated by law that dictates that every driver should have 3 types of auto insurance: personal injury insurance, liability insurance and uninsured motorist insurance.

As proof that have the above insurance coverage, one is required to have an auto insurance card with them when driving at all times. Law enforcement officers have the right to randomly ask any motorist to show this card to them as proof that they are insured. The insurance card can also be asked for in case an accident in which you are involved occurs, if you are pulled over for a different traffic violation or if the officer or officers decide to give a random inspection of your motor vehicle. Not having this card with you even if you have car insurance does little to prove that you are actually covered. It is wise to have it with you in your car’s glove compartment or in your wallet at all times to avoid an ugly brush with the law.

Liability insurance is the kind of insurance that covers the costs of damages and injuries caused to the other party in a car accident if the fault was yours. This type of insurance covers the other party and not you.  On the other hand, personal injury car insurance ensures that in the event of an accident, your costs and expenses are addressed whether you caused the accident or not. The other type of car insurance in the US is uninsured motorist insurance which serves to protect you in case you are involved in an accident where the other party involved does not have the state required insurance cover.

Each state has its minimum liability insurance requirements as mandated by law. Car insurance in the US varies and here is an example of these requirements in Texas and New Jersey:

1. A $15,000 in NJ and $30,000 in TX – minimum coverage for physical injury or death to one person per car accident.

2. A $30,000 in NJ and $60,000 in TX – minimum coverage for injuries to more than one individuals and

3. A $5,000 in NJ and $25,000 in TX – minimum coverage for damaged caused to property.


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