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Things To Think About Before Signing An Auto Insurance Policy According To The DMV

Before signing any legally binding document, it is advisable to read and reread the documents before applying your signature. This is because once you apply your signature, you are legally bound to fulfill the terms of the agreement shown in the document. This same principle should be applied when signing up for auto insurance cover. Never assume that the policy to which you have agreed to with your insurance agent or broker is the one you are signing up for. You may be surprised to find that the policy is different or does not exist in its entirety. Word of advice from the DMV is not to rush when it comes to such sensitive matters. Ask as many questions as you can so that you can properly understand every phrase that may seem strange to you. While doing this take, your time to read through every clause and ask your agent to explain in layman’s terms any auto insurance jargon that may evade your understanding.

Here are a few things that should raise the red flag whenever you are signing up for auto insurance according to the DMV. Among the major loopholes in any legal document is an empty space. If there is any in your contract documents have the agent or broker draw a line to cancel it. However, make sure that no additional information is required to be filled in the blank space. If the auto insurance contract forbids you from raising a law suit against the insurance firm, do not sign it. This is because you will lose the privilege of taking your insurer to court if there is any breach in the services that they are supposed to provide to you.

Loosing this particular hand to the insurance company will make them breach the contract agreement in any way they may please and you will just have to sit back and watch them do it since you cannot take them to court. Another major thing to consider is if your insurance cover meets your states auto insurance requirements and regulations. Always make sure you are familiar with your state’s minimum liability rates before signing the insurance contract. Each auto insurance policy comes with added services or benefits. Before signing the contract, make sure that these are listed in the contract and in detail. Just mentioning it in the contract is not enough.

While in the same breath, make sure that you confirm your auto insurance deductibles. You have control over the rate of your deductibles so make sure that you are the one declaring them in the contract and not the insurance company. Lastly, make sure that all your vehicle registration information is correct including the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). You would not want to sign the document only to find that you are paying auto insurance for a different vehicle and not your own.

All in all, take time to research on your insurer before signing or thinking of signing up with them. To do so, enter your Zip at the start of this page and we can show you more about your auto insurer and others.