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Things To Remember In Lowering Your Auto Insurance Cost

There are the common and widely known factors that affect the auto insurance cost and the rates that your car insurance company will offer you. Rates are calculated after looking at a number of things that you present the insurers with. It is essential to note that presenting false information to the auto insurance companies is illegal and you may face steep penalties for doing so. Some of the factors that may help you get low cost auto insurance include:

Age – most young people like teenager are considered a high risk by auto insurance companies mainly because they have less experience on the road and are prone to causing accidents or being involved in one. The younger the motorist i.e. 25 years and lower, the higher the auto insurance cost.

Driving record – if you are a careful driver and have never as much as run over a cat, then your auto insurance rates will be significantly low since you are considered a safe driver by the insurance provider.

Type of car – if you have a shiny and expensive car, you are not only inviting yourself to the possibility of car theft and high repair costs but to high auto insurance rates as well. If your car is low profile and parts are available in local shops at good process, then you are in a position to get low cost insurance from any auto insurer in the country.

Auto insurance clams – if you have a long history of making claims from auto insurance companies, then they will think twice before selling you insurance and if they do, you are in for a hefty rate. If on the other hand you have made no claims in the past you will be given a low rate.

Occupation – if you have to travel several miles each day to your place of work, then the fact that you spend a lot of time on the road only increases your chances of getting involved in a car accident. Hence, higher auto insurance rates. If on the other hand you work from home and only travel occasionally, your insurance cost goes substantially down.

Marital status – married individuals are considered particularly careful drivers since they do their travelling with their families in the car. This makes the insurers comfortable with the giving low insurance rates as opposed to single individuals.

Gender – studies that car insurance carriers have access to show that women are more careful drivers than men hence, women get lower rates than men naturally.

Location – if you live in a crime prone area, a disaster prone area or the likes, your car insurance rates can only be high as opposed to someone living in a safe neighborhood.

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