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The Truth About SR-22 Auto Insurance Laws In USA

The SR-22 auto insurance cover is a special cover that is meant for drivers who cause accidents while intoxicated. This is not put in place to show laxity in terms of Auto Insurance Laws dealing with DUIs but to act as an option in the event that the driver’s livelihood is dependent on driving. The SR-22 insurance cover is used by persons whose driver’s licenses have been suspended in the event of an accident that they were found to be driving drunk. The DMV in America is the governing body when it comes to auto related issues. The DMV can suspend a driver’s license for a number of reasons. Several traffic infractions to some extent can lead to your license being suspended. For this reason, the SR-22 policy was put in place to rectify or offer an alternative to such a situation.

The purpose of auto insurance is to show proof of liability in the event of an accident. The SR-22 insurance policy serves the same purpose only for a different situation. Once an individual’s license is suspended, for them to be able to drive on the road again, they must obtain an SR-22 insurance cover from the DMV as proof of liability in the event of an accident. Other circumstance that the SR-22 insurance cover can be applicable is when one is involved in an accident when uninsured. In such an event, the DMV requires that one has an SR-22 cover that spans from between 3 to 5 years. This is usually referred to as the SR-22 filing period. The rules and regulations however, may be different in every state.

The main thing to put in mind is that the gravity of the offense dictates the length of the SR-22 filing period. This means that the filing period in extreme cases may extend to more than 5 years as set by the DMV.  However, much the SR-22 insurance policy may help in such stringent circumstances and it also does not come cheap. Its premiums are much higher than conventional auto insurance, but it is probably for the right reasons. Once the SR-22 reaches its maturity the premiums for the said individual may revert to normal.  However, this is all dependent on if the driver did not have any traffic infractions during the span of the SR-22 filing period. The DMV will be informed if for any reason the SR-22 lapses before running its full filing period. They will investigate the reason behind the lapse and will decide if the driver should face stiffer penalties or just wait until the expiry of the period which the driver’s license was suspended. An SR-26 is issued once the SR-22 reaches its full term or is cancelled for any reason.

However, not all states in America have included the SR-22 into their Auto Insurance Laws so do not automatically assume that you can obtain it once your license is expired. To check if you have access to SR-22 cover from your area, enter your Zip at the beginning of this web page.