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The Consequesnces For Violating US Car Insurance Laws

The law is quite strict especially when it comes to protecting the lives of the citizens of the US. There are serious repercussions for if you go against the law regulating and governing vehicle insurance and they are unbiased. Most of the states in the US have their own laws regarding this matter and are tailor made for the unique situations that are in the different states. However some of them are common and the difference comes about on issues of penalties and fines as well as minimum liability requirements for each state.

The reason why the law is very strict on such matters is because in the unfortunate event of an accident every American should have the right to seek compensation for damages and repayment of expenses they might have incurred due to the accident which was not their fault. Such damages and expenses include the medical bills, the expenses accrued to repair the car or even treatment for trauma.

In most of the states, the more common consequences for violating the auto insurance laws put in place include suspension of your driver’s license, revocation of your driver’s license and suspension of your registration among others. In addition to getting a ticket for original violation of the traffic rules and regulation you violated, you may get another ticket if you are found to be driving without auto insurance or unable to show proof that you have one at all. If it’s your lucky day, you may be given a certain period of time to present your proof of insurance to the relevant authorities provided the proof was active at the time you were pulled over. Such proof is usually in form of an insurance card.

In addition to the above measures, there are other actions that prove to hurt you in the pocket, as a lesson never to repeat the mistake again. There are exorbitant fines that have been made intentionally this way to encourage motorists to always mind the welfare of their fellow Americans. Paying these fines also require that you fulfill any other requirement asked of you under the law of the state in addition to paying for the ticket fines and for your driver’s license and registration to be reinstated. You are however free to appeal this decision within a certain period stipulated in each state’s insurance laws.

Also, if you are a repeat offender for driving without any insurance, then they might end up confiscating you vehicle for a very long time and you will be required to part with a good sum of money to get it back. Another way to pay for violating the regulations is by fulfilling the requirements of an SR-22.

It is always wise and even prudent to consider the welfare of the others by making sure you protect your fellow citizens by making sure you have auto insurance and in the same breath be on the safe side of the law. You can get cheap car insurance by entering your basic info in the form provided above and get to know that vehicle insurance is not necessarily expensive as most would have you believe. Get car insurance quotes for free and see for yourself because seeing is believing.