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The Consequences Of Undue DMV Auto Violations For Teens

You thought your teenager had a good head on their shoulder, don’t despair, they probably do. Unfortunately, by definition even if they do, they are still prone to messing up. If they have gotten themselves into trouble, you may have to turn to the DMV for help in bailing them out, or yourself out, of outrageous increases to your auto insurance.

Teenagers are notorious for not thinking ahead. Forethought and consequence are two skills that are developed much later in life. Although the law deemed your teen eligible to drive, that doesn’t mean that they are going to be responsible enough one hundred percent of the time. It only takes a momentary lapse in judgment to get into some real trouble, or even just a small blip. In the car insurance world, it makes no difference how big or small, the consequence is the same. When they mess up, you get to pay for their mistakes with an increase in your auto insurance premium.

Temptations are too great for teenagers. It is hard for us, as adults, to resist the occasional phone call or text when behind the wheel, even more so for a teenager. They don’t ever think, anything is going to happen to them so they are more willing to take the chance. They are more willing to pull out into traffic at riskier times, take their attention from the road, or try to make up time by speeding when they are running late. When they get into trouble, there are things that you can do to lower the fallout for you, as well as them.

When teens receive moving violations, they are almost always given options to undo the effects of it going on their record. If they take the time to go to attend a court hearing, they are usually given something called “probation”. Probation is a time when they are to attend a specific class during a given time frame. If they attend the driving course and they are able to go the allotted amount of time without any further violations, the ticket is expunged from their record. There is also a fee to pay at the time of the hearing which is usually not a small one. Even if they don’t attend court, however, there will always be a fee involved.

If there is an accident that your teen is involved in, and is at fault, they will most likely receive the same option, unless there was some mitigating or reckless nature to the accident. Insuring teens is an expense that most of us have a hard time absorbing. Making sure that you are getting the best price on your policy can be done by doing a quick auto insurance comparison. Take the time now to input your zip code at the top of this page now to receive several price comparison quotes within minutes. Don’t waste another moment overpaying for your auto insurance needs, simply fill out the form and start saving potentially hundreds a year. The best way to keep the cost of your teens indiscretion from affecting not only their future driving record, but your insurance cost is by taking advantage of the ways the DMV allows you chances to clear your record.