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Auto Insurance Laws: Know Your Rights And Privileges On Sobriety Checkpoints.

In Auto Insurance Laws, there is a provision for having Sobriety Checkpoints to help in reducing DUIs. The Sobriety Checkpoints are however not compulsory but any officer manning these points must adhere to the law. According to the fourth amendment, each individual has rights when it comes to Sobriety Checkpoints. This means that no officer can search someone’s property without legal mandate or clear reasons. Sobriety Checkpoints are only common in states that have strict laws regarding DUIs. The other states that do not have Sobriety Checkpoints see them as a violation of people’s fourth amendment rights and have thus outlawed them.

The evidence gathered from these Sobriety Checkpoints can be used in a court of law to convict an individual on DUI charges. However the collection of this evidence is a sensitive affair and must not in any way infringe on the fourth amendment rights of the individual. This means that the arresting officer must follow clear set guidelines or otherwise the offender might walk scot free due to a technicality. Qualified DUI attorneys look very keenly on this part of evidence collection and usually file motions to suppress the evidence or have the case thrown out due to illegal search and seizure of the individual’s private property.

For a police officer to make an arrest at a Sobriety Checkpoint, they are required to keenly study the suspect’s behavior as well as run a battery of field tests to support their claim. There are a number of legal requirements that have to be met before setting up Sobriety Checkpoints. There are:

* A court order validating the setting up of a Sobriety Checkpoint

* Sufficient intelligence on why the checkpoint should be set up and where since the location must be safe.

* The police officers stationed at the checkpoint must have legal certification to prove their presence.

* And finally the police officers are required by law to inform the residence of the area that they will be setting up a Sobriety Checkpoint.

Before an officer of the law asks you to stop, he or she must have a valid claim as to why they have requested you to stop. This is because it has been known that some checkpoints are set up to target a specific group of people and that is against the law. Once they stop you on suspicion of DUI, the officers will take you through a number of field tests to test your sobriety status.

The tests could involve walking in a straight line, standing on one leg and many more. Each police car is fitted with a surveillance camera that records all this and can be presented in court as part of the evidence collected. You are well within your rights to decline these tests but this will only result in the immediate suspension of your license before even going to court.

Many people fall culprit to overzealous officers because they do not know their rights and privileges when it comes to a DUI arrest. Enter your Zip at the start of this page to keep yourself in the know as far as DUI arrests are concerned.

What Are The Things Covered By An Online Auto Insurance?

Having the minimal auto insurance is required by law to drive a car in most states. Shopping for online auto insurance is the best way to get the most inexpensive auto insurance on the market but also to insure that you remain compliant with the compulsory auto laws. Compulsory auto laws are those that were enacted for minimum car insurance coverage. It involves collision insurance. Collision insurance is coverage that pertains to physical damage as well as bodily injury that occurs in an accident. Being compliant means that you not only carry the proper insurance but you have the minimum liability coverage required.

Each state sets their own auto insurance laws and the minimum coverage limits. Collision insurance can be presented in two different ways. Either way, you can have a combined liability policy or a split liability policy. A combined liability policy is one where physical damage and bodily injury are both under the same policy. A split policy means that there are two separate policies one for physical damage and another for bodily injury. Insurance can be very confusing, making sure you are completely covered is not always straight-forward and leaves the average consumer with many questions about their own coverage, or that of their family members.

There are times when there is a need for others to drive your car. When a friend or family member gets behind the wheel of your car, you may be wondering whether they are covered by your insurance. Likewise, if you chose to step behind the wheel of someone else’s car, are you covered through their insurance?

The general rule is that if a car is insured through its owner, anyone who gets behind the wheel of the car, who has a valid driver’s license, is covered on the car insurance. That means if someone drives your car, and has a driver’s license, they would be covered in the same manner as you are. In turn, if you drive another’s car, you are covered under their policy. It is imperative, however, if you step behind the wheel of someone else’s car that you know for sure that they have insurance on it. Although you trust your friends, making sure to have a copy of the insurance is a good idea, just for your own security. Finding out that they let the policy lapse, or it is not current is not something that you want to do.

The only exception to the rule is when a family member or someone who lives at the same residence as you drives the car. If they reside in the same place, they must be added as a driver to the insurance to be covered under your insurance. If they are not personally named under your policy, they will not be covered should anything happen. If you are worried about getting the best price possible on your auto insurance or that you are compliant within the laws of your state.

Take the time now to scroll to the top of the page and input your zip code within the box. In minutes, you will receive a free rate quote that will not only insure you are compliant within the law but that you are paying the lowest price possible for your auto insurance needs. Being able to add family members through your online auto insurance is the best way to keep your coverage current and the driver’s protected.

Avail Online Auto Insurance Policies To Have Discounts

Everyone today is in need of a way to cut costs. That is no different when it comes to auto insurance. Shopping online auto insurance offers the consumer many different options to decrease their auto insurance premiums. By buying insurance online without talking to a customer service agent directly, are you really getting all the savings that you could? If you are purchasing your auto insurance online, it is a good way to comparison shop across many different companies. There is something to be said, however, for contacting the company directly and checking to make sure that you are getting the maximum savings you can.

I know it is shocking to think about but your car insurance carrier is not going to contact you if they think that you are paying.

Different auto insurance carriers will accept different group savings. That is, if you are a member of a certain association or a group; not every insurance company will offer you the same discount or one at all. Different organizations have different alliances with different carriers. If you belong to an organization, it is prudent to ask if they subscribe to a specific carrier to utilize the benefit. In the same respect, if you have insurance, contacting them directly and asking about a group or organization will give you the answer you need.g them too much.

In an attempt to stay ahead of the competition, many auto insurance carriers are coming up with better and more creative ways to offer the consumer discounts by also decreasing their risk. New discounts are being developed on a continual basis. Unless you are currently and actively seeking new insurance, however, you may never know that you are eligible for certain discounts and savings. Each auto insurance company has different offerings, discounts and programs. If you have an existing policy or are shopping around for a new one, it is best sometimes to contact them directly and ask some real questions about savings.

There are other discounts available from some carriers and not from others. Some auto insurance companies will give you discounts like good student whereby if your teenager or college age student maintains a B average or better they will get a better discount. Also, some carriers will offer discounts for people who drive with monitors in their vehicles. These monitors report back to the company how well you follow the rules of the road. They help the company to determine where the risk to insure you falls. This is not offered by ever company so investigating what each auto insurance policy has to offer is always a good idea. Comparison shopping is the very best way to make sure that you are getting the best coverage at the very lowest price. Take the time now to find out how you can save on your auto insurance.

Simply input your zip code in the box at the top of the page to receive a free rate quote. Don’t take for granted, you are getting the best price here; get your free quote now and make sure you are making the best price possible for your auto insurance needs. After you have chosen the best company for your needs, make a quick phone call periodically to them to check for new discounts or promotions; it is a good way of staying ahead of the game. Shopping and comparing online auto insurance is a very convenient way to go, but sometimes picking up the phone every once in a while can really do you some favors.

High Risk Of Online Auto insurance For Drinking And Driving

Teenagers do dumb things, we all know that. Sometimes the things that they do are minor and affect no one, but in some cases, the things that they do are significant and can be very costly. That is why their online auto insurance rates are so high. Finding a rate that you can afford is no small feat. Searching around many different carriers and comparison shopping, is the best way to get the best price for not only them, but your family as a whole.

Under the age of 25 is the riskiest age category for auto insurance carriers. That is not an arbitrary age. Individuals under the age of 25 are responsible for substantially more accidents than any other age category. Not only accounting for the largest number of accidents while sober, but also those when under the influence. Even for teens that are not old enough to drink, driving while under the influence is still a major problem. This age group is notorious for bad judgment and making poor decisions. Getting behind the wheel of a car when drinking is only one of many but can have some serious disastrous consequences.

It is a fact that children who start drinking at younger ages are over seven times more likely to be in an alcohol-related crash according to the national highway traffic safety Administration. Contributing to that statistic is that younger age children are drinking and getting behind the wheel at much younger ages. Teen alcohol use also kills about 6,000 people each year, as reported by the Institute for Medicine national Research Council of the National Academies. That is a staggering number when you stop to consider that on the average 28 people die per day as a result of drunk driving crashes.

Perhaps drinking and driving habits of teens is the need for teens to hide their alcohol consumption. Although one in five teens binge drink, only one in one-hundred parents believe that they do. There is quite a large gap between reality and perceived reality. Therefore, when a teen does drink, they are much less likely to call their parents and ask for a ride. The fear of having a parent find out about the behavior is far greater than making the right decision. It is not only about driving, there are many things that need to change about teens and drinking. Unfortunately, one of the consequences of the persistence of behavior change is the loss of life of drunk driving teens, and those that they hurt through their actions.

There is a reason why teenager’s auto insurance is more costly than any other age group. They have a tendency to make poor decisions. Until we are able, as a society, to curb underage drinking as a whole, the problem of drinking and driving in this age group will persist. If you are having a hard time affording insurance for your teen, that is one of the driving forces for the increased rate. To get the best rate possible, doing a comparison and getting many different quotes is the best way to get the lowest price possible. Start investigating what is available for your insurance needs by scrolling to the top of the page. Simply input your zip code in the box and receive a free rate quote today. Don’t wait another day to cover your auto insurance needs at a price you can afford. Shopping online auto insurance will allow you to get many rates at once, which is a good decision to get the lowest rate possible.

Anti-Fraud Legislation For Online Auto Insurance

Getting the best price on car insurance is for some the only way that they can still afford it. Shopping online auto insurance is a way to guarantee that you are getting the very best insurance, for the best price possible. State officials, seeing the amount of money that fraudulent claims are costing their states, are beginning to enact legislation that will not only bring down the cost to the state but hopes that the savings will be passed onto the auto insurance consumer. New laws are beginning to cross over into auto insurance laws.

One such law that is becoming a great example for other states to follow suit is the no-fault auto insurance law that was passed in Florida. It is estimated that the new law could save 14 to 24.6% on insured personal injury protection insurance coverage. The target of the new law is to cut down on the fraudulent claims by putting restrictions on when, and how you can file them. The new law has many parts to it but there are some reforms that stand out. It gives the victims of accidents just 14 days to seek medical treatment pertaining to that accident. It also caps the amount that is provided for emergency treatment at $10,000 and $2,500 for more minor injuries.

Insurance fraud is defined as punishable by law when any act is committed with the intent to fraudulently obtain some benefit or advantage to which they are not otherwise entitled or someone knowingly denies some benefit that is due and to which someone is entitled. There are many forms of fraud in auto insurance claims. Soft auto-insurance fraudulent claims are those in which false claims are filed either in the form of duplicate filing, adding on injuries to the claim that were pre-existing, misreporting wage losses greater than those lost, or reporting higher cost for repairs than it costs the claimant. Hard auto-insurance fraud activities are those that stage automobile collisions, claiming an accident when none occurred, pretending to be injured, or filing claims that you were injured when you were not.

There are many medical clinics that are suspected on filing fraudulent claims so to insure that accident victims won’t fall prey; the state has compiled a list of approved medical providers. Not included on that list are such disciplines as massage therapy or acupuncturists. The hope is that the changes in law will have a substantial benefit on the auto insurance premiums in the state of Florida.

There are some opponents to the new legislation saying that it is unconstitutional. On the whole, however, many residents of Florida have fallen victim to fraudulent practices, or have seen the effect on their auto insurance premium and are willing to adhere to the new laws that have been enacted. Many other states are considering similar legislation to protect the citizens of their states. The cost of fraudulent claims has a high correlation on the price you pay as a consumer. It is still important, however, to make sure that you are paying the best rate possible.

Take a moment now to input your zip code at the top of this page to receive several different rate quotes. Within minutes, you will be able to see how your insurance measures up to what other companies are offering. Don’t wait another day to save potentially hundreds on your auto insurance costs. Shopping online auto insurance is also a good way to minimize your cost.

The Easy And Fast Ways To Get Cheap Auto Insurance

It may have taken while but you finally found the perfect job that may be a stepping stone to more than just a day to day place to spend time. It may be your path to a real career. Finding cheap auto insurance is part of being on your own. Finding your way in the business world may mean big changes for you over the next couple of months. If you are considering moving away from home, being out on your own, don’t forget about the little things like finding your own auto insurance.

If you are still under the age of 25, it doesn’t matter how responsible you are, the auto insurance carriers will still consider you in the highest risk group of all ages. If you are a male, in addition, you are the highest risk of any categories. Moving away from home means that you are no longer under their umbrella, and rules of your parents. It also means, however, that you are no longer under their insurance policy. If you are a high risk category, is there a way to find inexpensive auto insurance?

Although the premium itself will be calculated by your age and other factors beyond your control, there are some things that you can do to lower your auto insurance costs. Making sure to ask the right questions and search for those discounts offered, will save you on your monthly costs.

Being out on your own is the first time you will be building a credit rating. Credit ratings are very important scores as they will determine what kind of rates you will get on your credit cards, whether you will be able to get a credit line and what kind of housing you will be able to afford if you will get a mortgage. They are also important because they are considered in the calculation of your auto insurance. If you have some outstanding debts from college, make sure to take care of them. Having a higher credit score means more savings for you. So keeping your credit clean, clearing up any blemishes you may have and building credit, are all ways of lower your auto insurance costs.

If you will be using your car for mostly business purposes, there may also be a discount available. Also, be mindful when choosing the vehicle you will be driving. Your first thought may be to go out and purchase a new car. A new car, however, will carry with it a higher insurance cost. In general, the more the car is worth, the higher your premium will be. The rationale being more expensive cars are more expensive to fix, or replace, if you should have to an accident claim filed. Perhaps wait on that new car until a time when you are a little better established.

When taking out your policy, making good decisions about the parameters of the coverage can also adjust your cost. By choosing a higher deductible, it will mean that you will pay more should anything happen but it also means that you will pay less per month. Also, looking for group rates may help curb the cost of insurance. If you belong to an association or a credit union, some will have a group rate with certain carriers. Make sure to check with the associations you are a member of to see if any of them can offer a discount. In some cases, it may behoove you to join a certain group or association in order to get a discount. Thoroughly searching around is well worth the time.

One of the biggest predictors is your driving record. Being a cautious driver and making sure to adhere to the laws of the road are important, not only for your safety and those around you, but also for your auto insurance costs. If you should incur a moving violation, make sure to always go with the option that will keep it from your record. If you are offered supervision, go the extra step to show up for court, or to take classes to keep it from your record. Those things are time consuming, but well worth the cost overall. Also, don’t make a claim against your insurance unless you have to. There may be a time when you get into a small fender bender. If no one is hurt, and the damage is minimal, consider taking care of the cost on your own. Considering a rate hike versus covering the damage out of pocket is a good idea for your long term driving record.

If you have already chosen your insurance carrier, check with them about any discounts that they may offer. Some companies will allow you to install a device in your car that will monitor your driving habits. If you remain a good rated driver, they will lower your premium. Also available is the option to take defense driving courses, again, time consuming, but if your auto insurance is already high, this is something you may want to consider. Other safety measures like car alarms or low-mileage discounts may be available. Your carrier is not going to come to you trying to save you money; the research is your responsibility.

Above all, make sure that you do a good job comparing carriers to find cheap auto insurance. The price differential between auto insurance companies can be quite large. When you add in the extras, like discounts offered, there may be a real and substantial difference between companies. Don’t just settle for the most well-known companies, paying higher costs does not always equal better service. Many companies are competing for your business. Try to keep that in mind when shopping around and maximize your discounts and advantages before choosing. The internet is an excellent way to comparison shop for auto insurance.

You simply need to enter your zip code at the top of this page and within minutes you will get a good comparison for what rates are available. Don’t waste another moment overpaying for your auto insurance needs. A better price is available by utilizing the form above. Whether you go through the company sites independently, or use a site that will compare for you, make sure to really shop around before choosing. It may make a huge difference in your monthly spending. The verdict, you may be able to get cheap auto insurance.