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Consequences Of DUI And DWI That Concerns Auto Insurance Cost

All over the US, the law is becoming very strict on persons convicted of DWI and DUI. The penalties and fees imposed on such persons are getting higher and so is their Auto Insurance Cost. You may have had a clean driving record for many years then just one avoidable mistake like one last beer puts a permanent blemish on your record as well as your pocket. First of all, depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrest, you may lose your driving privileges for a while or have to pay hefty premiums to have it reinstated. This is not counting the legal fees and the long period to which you will have to contend with an increase in your Auto Insurance Costs.

Once arrested on DWI or DUI, you are charged with two counts namely administrative penalty and criminal charges. Each of these charges is grave and carries serious fines, penalties and even incarceration in some cases. The truth is that both of them will at minimum lead to a suspension of your driver’s license plus a permanent blemish on your driving history. DUI or DWI is a crime that is heavily frowned upon in American societies. This means that the increasing of your Auto Insurance Costs is just one among the many things that you will have to deal with for a long time.  You will most likely receive scorn from the society and your peers alike.

Once charged and convicted of DWI or DUI, there are insurance policies that you can purchase to make your life a bit bearable. You will need an insurance policy that will be able to cater for your post DUI conviction needs. One of such policies is the SR-22 cover. This policy allows you to continue driving even after your driver’s license has been suspended. This policy is not cheap and has to run for the entire period that your license is in suspension. This usually helps when you have to drive as a way of etching out a living for yourself.

The penalties one receives on DWI or DUI always depend on the circumstances surrounding your arrest. In most states, the minimum incarceration for an intoxicated driver is 72 hours. This is just to make sure that you have sobered up enough to answer to your charges. If during your arrest you are found to be in possession of alcohol, you can expect to be incarcerated for a period not less than 6 days. This is however still dependent on the strictness of the DUI laws of the particular state that you have been arrested in.

On your first arrest for DWI or DUI, your driver’s license for between 90 days to a year depending on circumstances surrounding your arrest. If during the suspension of your license you are convicted of another traffic infraction, the suspension period for your license will be extended as well as additional penalties and even incarceration depending on the gravity of the felony at the time of the arrest.

There are numerous consequences to being arrested and convicted of DWI or DUI that extend further than just the Auto Insurance Costs. To learn more and safeguard yourself from this vice, enter your Zip at the space provided at the top of this page. Drunken driving is a serious offense and each person should do what they can to discourage it.