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Steps To Follow When Being Convicted Of A DUI Or DWI

A DUI or DWI on your record can be disastrous for both your personal and financial well being. Knowing what the legal limitations of your state’s laws and the consequences of auto insurance laws is imperative to keep a clean driving record. A DUI or DWI can potentially cost you more than you have any way of knowing. It reaches every part of your life. Being convicted of a DUI or DWI can mean losing your license or potentially going to prison. It is not only a shameful conviction but one that can ruin your livelihood all around.

The reasons that people get DUI’s or DWI’s is usually through having the wrong idea about what constitutes driving while impaired. When you drink alcohol, it is very easy to feel like you are in total control even when you are impaired. That is the danger of drinking and driving, you don’t know that you are drunk. In most cases, you decide to get behind the wheel under the misnomer that you “feel fine” and you “only drank a little”. Most individuals are shocked to find out that it takes very little to impair your driving abilities. By the time you find out, however, it is too late. Knowing you limitations can save you some potentially disastrous consequences.

There are those who choose to drive when they know fully well that they have had too much drink. But there are also those who really thought that they were in full control, mistaking the term drunk for impairment. One does not have to be stumbling, or slurring their words to be impaired enough not to drive. Men tend to view themselves as not intoxicated more often than females. They were almost twice more likely than females to obtain a drinking conviction. Also, those who are younger make up a higher percentage of those caught than any other age group.

The average person metabolizes one drink per hour so doing other things to retain sobriety will not work. Drinking energy drinks, caffeine or taking a cold shower will do nothing to speed up the time your body takes to metabolize the alcohol. The only thing that will lead you to sobriety is time. It is not about the amount of time that you have been drinking. In fact, the quicker you drink alcohol, the quicker it builds up in your system. Your blood level will rise quickly when it accumulates in the body as when you are consuming large amounts in a short period of time. A drink with alcohol is defined as .54 ounces of alcohol. Each drink that you pour will be different. Drinking a double cocktail is going to be counted as two drinks, not one, so the kind of drink that you drink will affect the alcohol content. Assuming you only had one drink when you are drinking potent cocktails, is not a fair assessment of the amount of alcohol that you have consumed.

Not knowing the facts when you drink alcohol can get you into some real trouble. Being smart when you drink is the best way to protect yourself, and those around you, is a part of being mature. Not drinking at all is always the best option, but assuming you are sober is never a good idea. If you have been convicted of drinking and driving comparison shopping for auto insurance quotes may be the only you can afford it. Simply take a moment now to input your zip code at the top of this page. Within minutes you will receive a free price quote allowing you to make the best choice possible for your auto insurance needs. Don’t waste another day to start saving on your auto insurance premium costs. Most importantly, being aware of the overall auto insurance laws may save you a potential accident.