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Statistics Surrounding Cheap Car Insurance

In every industry specifically in insurance, statistics are very vital in charting out ways of carrying out business. Insurance companies require research to be done on the different ages of their potential clients. This research is vital in finding which age groups have statistically high probabilities of causing accidents, having traffic violations and possible auto insurance claims. The age group with the lowest of these statistics will easily access Cheap Car Insurance while it will be slightly difficult for the rest.

For instance, young drivers between the ages of 16 to 23 are four times more likely to have a road accident with fatalities than their older partners.  This statistic is directly related to their marital status. Those who are married within this same age group have low road accident fatalities than those who are single. The difference comes in the level of maturity that is brought about by the responsibility that comes with being married. The road carnage and traffic violations caused by persons in this age group, is usually due to their inexperience, carelessness and outright disregard of traffic laws.

cheapAutoInsuranceOn the flip side of this age group; that is senior drivers aged above 75 have similar statistics. Persons in this age group have loads of driving experience. The problem is some may have medical conditions that usually distort their driving. These complications can make them unable to make quick decisions when driving to avoid accidents or may fail to see the speed limit signs or traffic lights due to bad vision or any other ailment. They also may have traffic violations due to their past that may make them become an insurance risk. From the statistics, it is safe to say that persons in these age groups are susceptible to high insurance premiums unless they prove otherwise.

The safest age group of drivers according to research carried out by insurance firms is persons between 35 and 50 years of age. These persons have a considerably long driving experience and will most likely have a lot to lose in the event of an accident or traffic infraction. Most of them are married with families and this makes them very careful and law abiding on the roads. With the current economic situation in the world, such persons feel the brunt of it and will try anything to reduce their monthly expenditure. This means that they will try their level best to access Cheap Car Insurance. For these reasons, they are found to be low insurance risks and are therefore accorded Cheap Car Insurance options like benefits and discounts. Such individuals may also have teenagers who are driving meaning that they have access to multi-car insurance which greatly reduces the monthly premiums for the individual and their family as a whole. Despite all this, their driving record also comes into question. You may be in this age group, but a spotted driving history automatically disqualifies you from accessing Cheap Car Insurance options.

You may have to pay high insurance premiums just because you are in an age group that is considered high risk. This may be the case but there are other ways to access Cheap Car Insurance just enter your Zip at the top of this page to know them.