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States That Allows Exception To Mandated Auto Insurance Laws

If you are having a hard time finding out your state specific auto insurance laws, comparison shopping for your targeted state may be the best way to shop for the lowest price possible and obtain the needed information. Over a decade ago, the government recognized the cost that vehicle accidents were having on the state’s finances and began mandating that everyone residing within their state maintain minimal insurance coverage. They did so, not only to protect the citizens who were driving the car but to protect the general public. Motor vehicle accidents cost a considerable amount both monetarily and personally.

Every state in the union mandates that in order to operate a motor vehicle, you need to have a license issued by the state for which you reside. In addition, most states require that you carry insurance on the car that you operate. With the exception of only a few states, a driver must carry minimum collision insurance. Collision insurance is that insurance that will cover any property damage or bodily injury if an accident occurs. There are additional assurances that you can add to your policy as well but driving legally in most states is something that you must have.

There are exceptions to that rule. Some States have not mandated collision insurance to their residents. Virginia is a state that does not require a driver to carry insurance. If you are a resident in Virginia, you can issue payment to the state to avoid taking out an individual insurance policy. That means that if you get into an accident, the liability is all yours. You will be responsible for any damages that are incurred. If you cannot afford insurance, it is a viable option if you ever get into trouble but the result can be disastrous. The cost of an accident can literally take all that you have. The decision not to carry insurance must be one that is weighed very heavily.

Other states that hold exceptions to the mandate are New Hampshire and Mississippi. If you chose not  to carry insurance in either of these states you must post a cash bond to be held in case an accident should occur. Again, choosing not to carry insurance becomes the decision of the individual. The cost can be great for the driver if they do not have insurance. It can also be great for the person who is involved in any altercation with someone who is not covered by insurance. Although it seems somehow un-American for you to be forced to purchase an auto insurance policy, it is no different than requiring you to obtain a license.

Operating a motor vehicle is a public health concern and not just an individual freedom. Do not allow your coverage to lapse because you think you cannot afford it. Take the time to fill out your zip code at the top of this page and find a policy. Within minutes, you will receive several rate quotes allowing you to get insurance at a reduced cost from what you are paying now. Being open to driving without insurance will put you and those around you at risk. If you do not think that you can get low cost auto car insurance laws, a free quote will give you the very best possible minimal coverage, which will make driving a lot less risky for everyone involved.