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Point System: The Role Of DMV In DWI And DUI

Reckless driving and accidents have been there for as long as people have been driving. It is known that every piece of new technology can be used for good as well as bad. Reckless and intoxicated drivers have cost many people their lives or livelihoods over the years and it is the job of the DMV to keep these numbers to a minimum. Among the solutions that the DMV came up with is the Point System. This system helps in tracking drivers who are reckless on the roads whereby a certain set of points are added to a driver’s record every time he or she commits a traffic infraction. These points are constantly added to a driver’s record and an accumulation of these points could lead to indictment.

AutoInsuranceOn indictment, the said driver will have their license suspended. In addition to this, the individual’s auto insurance premiums are set to rise since auto insurance firms have access to one’s driving records as their way of determining the level of risk that you pose. Since this information on the accumulation of points is not accessible to the public, it made people extra observant of traffic laws since you never know when your points have reached the level of indictment. In order to insist on adherence of traffic rules and regulations, the law imposed fines on people with accumulated points. For some people with numerous points, they had to form a payment plan to settle the fines and some even ran for up to 3 years.

These high fines were the biggest deterrent for reckless driving. Some states like Texas have a conviction centered surcharge where one can pay the fines imposed by the court for up to three years. If you are involved in an accident that either caused a fatality or physical injury due to DWI or DUI, you may face charges of intoxicated manslaughter or assault. In such a grievous case the, Point System is set aside and another system comes into play.

The penalties and fees that the court will require you to recompense are set as:

* A court endorsed AA or counseling program

* Legal fees for handling the case

* An interim driving permit or fees for restoration of your driver’s license

* If you are in a state that recognizes the Ignition interlocking device, you will be required to pay for its installation.

* And lastly, the additional auto insurance premiums and deductibles to compensate for the damages

The point system penalties in addition to the above fees are very costly and serve as a lesson to anyone unlucky enough to be arrested on DWI or DUI. The levies on DUI charges depend on the state laws and if the individual is a first time or a repeat offender. In most cases, repeat offenders or persons with recidivism are found to be either alcoholics or drug addicts. Such persons are usually required to attend either AA programs or be admitted into drug rehab centers since the additional fines and penalties do not help them much. For help on this, enter your Zip at the top of this page top find the relevant assistance.