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Myths and Facts That Surrounds Cheap Car Insurance And DUIs In US

Myths are a common occurrence in culture all over the world. They are basically stories without any scientific or research based findings to support their claims. The same goes for Cheap Car Insurance and DWI or DUIs. One thing however is for sure, once you have a DUI arrest in your driving history, your chances of getting Cheap Car Insurance grow slimmer. All insurance companies rely on an individual’s driving history in determining the rate of insurance to charge you. Many myths however mainly center on dealing with DWI and DUIs. We shall go through some in this article and approve or disapprove them.

1. A breathalyzer has accurate results.

Just like any other gadget built by man, a breathalyzer is not perfect. Breathalyzers usually have an acceptable margin of error of up to 30 percent. This is evident in the many articles written on the subject and the many court cases overturned due to the inaccuracy of the results. It is within your rights, according to the sixth amendment to demand that your case on a DUI be heard before a grand jury. This is because a DUI case based solely on the evidence of a breathalyzer test can provide a margin of reasonable doubt for you to be exonerated. Furthermore, the use of the breathalyzer is exclusively up to the police officer. This means that if there is an ounce of malice in the officer against the driver, the officer can easily doctor the results. This in truth dismisses this particular claim as being just a myth and nothing more.

2. Restraint from drinking excuses you from being arrested on DWI or DUI

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to this myth is that DWI or DUI is not restricted to alcohol only. DWI or DUI refers to any foreign ingested material that can hamper you from driving effectively. It covers everything from alcohol, hard drugs and even some prescription medicines that are not taken properly. Scientists have proven that humans produce naturally generated alcohol in the body in a process called endogenous ethanol production. This means that you can test positive for alcohol without having taken any in the first place. In rare cases, the body may abnormally produce high levels of alcohol causing someone to be wrongfully accused of being intoxicated. Basically this myth is not true.

3. Having alcohol in your breath shows that you are intoxicated

Numerous researches have been done on DWI and DUI and one thing came out as evident, the scent of alcohol in someone’s breath has no direct relation on an individual’s blood alcohol concentration.  The scent of alcohol in your breath is actually a byproduct of a certain element found in liquor. This same component is also common in non alcoholic drinks that are made out of barley. This is to say that you taking liquor and another taking non alcoholic beer have the same scent of breath.

There are numerous other myths circulating on this particular issue. In order to know the truth and not the unconfirmed myths enter your area Zip in the space provided at the top of this page to know the difference.