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Liability Given To Drunk Drivers By A Cheap Auto Insurance Company

Maintaining cheap auto insurance is a possibility if you are within a low risk driver’s category.  If you have been convicted of DUI or DWI, the potential for you to get cheap car insurance may not be realistic. If you have already filled a claim for an accident in which you were drinking and driving, you have no doubt already cost them substantially. If you are in an accident while drinking and driving, is your carrier responsible for the damages both to property and bodily injury?

If you carry the minimal compulsory insurance which is required by almost all states, then if you should be in an accident and it is your fault, your insurance company is required to pay for the liability specifications that your policy states. Each auto insurance policy that is taken out has liability limitations. There are two different kinds of policies, a combined policy and a split policy. A split policy means that there is a separate policy for personal damage and one for bodily injury. The bodily injury policy will have limitations which is a maximum outlined for which they will pay up to. There is a separate policy which then pays for any physical damage. If it is a combined policy then the coverage is combined for both, they are under the same policy.

If you get into a car accident and you are at fault, your insurance company is the one for which is responsible for any costs involved to the other driver. However, if you are convicted of driving while impaired, they are not legally obligated to pay for any expenses incurred by you. You are responsible for both any physical damage and bodily injury that you sustained. That can really put some hardship on your own finances. If you are injured, the cost will all be your responsibility. Sometimes you can have it covered under your medical insurance for bodily injury but that too will depend on your medical insurance. Property damage, however, cannot be recouped through any means but your own.

As if you need another reason to not drink and drive the loss of responsibility on the part of your insurance carrier is a substantial blow to you. If you sustain no damage in the accident if you are convicted, you will also face a triple-fold increase in your insurance premium at minimum. It is also possible that your car insurance company can drop you all together denying you coverage in the future. Once you have been dropped by one carrier, the prospects of being covered through another one are significantly diminished. Even if you are insurable, you may not be able to pay the additional cost especially if you are imposed other fines and complications of the conviction. It is important to never drink and drive.

Even if you believe yourself to not be impaired, you are usually not a very good judge of your own faculties. It is always better to turn the keys over to a designated driver or take a taxi when possible. If you have been convicted, comparing your rates to that of other companies may yield a lower premium. Even with a drinking and driving conviction, lowering your auto insurance costs may be possible. Simply input your zip code at the top of the page to see how your insurance costs measure up against others in your area. Within minutes, you will receive a free rate quote. Why just assume you are paying the lowest rate possible? Take action now and find out for sure. A conviction of DUI or DWI usually means the inability to get cheap car insurance from any carrier.