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Is Cheap Auto Insurance Mandatory In Most States?

It may seem unfair, perhaps even unconstitutional that you are mandated to purchase auto insurance in order to operate a vehicle. Finding cheap auto insurance seems to be a misnomer, when you would like to have none at all. It seems wasteful to write that check every month especially when having insurance is not your will but that which is being imposed upon you. With the healthcare insurance debate raging in this country, mandatory insurance laws are getting a second look. The debate was settled long ago but considering the reasons is worth taking another look.

 The idea of compulsory auto insurance laws has been around as long as cars have. Even one hundred years ago, people recognized that when you get behind the wheel of a car, the potential for damage and bodily harm is inevitable. They also realized the costs not only to the individual but to everyone in the society.

CheapCarInsuranceWhen you don’t carry auto insurance, which then pays when an accident occurs? It depends on who is at fault. However, if they don’t have the means to pay for the damage, the responsibility falls onto the state most especially the tax payers. Prior to the enactment of the laws, there were people who chose to insure themselves and those who chose not to. Unfortunately, those who chose not to will cost the entire public more money and severely drove up the price for those who were being responsible enough to pay for the coverage. Seeing the public health and financial disaster that auto accidents were having on state governments, they decided that in order to drive, one must have the proper insurance. Not only to cover themselves but for the protection of those around them.

The states, in an attempt to cover the cost of auto incidents, made only collision insurance mandatory. Collision insurance is coverage that will take affect for any physical damage or bodily injury. Although each state sets the minimum limit for their liability coverage, the policy itself is mandatory in almost all of them. Other part of auto insurance coverage is not mandatory. Those things that cause damage from other occurrences outside of an accident that affect an individual remain optional.

The reasoning behind the policy is that driving a car is not a right but a privilege. Since you need to take steps to operate a motor vehicle like obtaining a drivers license, you can be imposed upon to carry certain assurances like coverage if you injure someone else. The cost to the state since enactment has been decreased reasonably. Although many people still feel it is an infringement upon their rights, the fact remains that no one is forcing them to operate a motor vehicle.

Other modes of transportation still exist if they chose not to obtain a drivers license. To see if you are getting the best coverage at the lowest price possible, scroll to the top of the page and get a free price quote and see how your existing policy matches up against others. Get the information you needs and get the best price possible for your insurance needs. Purchasing cheap car insurance is possible, you just have to know how and where to look.