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HowToo Much Drinking Can Affect Auto Insurance Laws

Drinking and driving is a very serious offense no matter what state you reside. If you have been convicted of a DUI or DWI, your auto insurance has most likely tripled. In most states, however, auto insurance laws mandate that you still have the minimal coverage required by the state to operate a motor vehicle. Don’t let your coverage lapse because it is too costly and find yourself breaking another law. That will guarantee that you will never be able to retain your license.

Most of us have this sense that we are in control when sometimes we are not. We enjoy drinking specifically because it makes the pressure of our day to day life seems less. It allows us to not worry so much, to let things go. Worrying about getting caught drinking and driving is one that flies out the window when we have had too much of drinking. Knowing when’s enough to impair our driving is something everyone should understand before getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

In most states, the legal limit for being legally impaired is either .08 to .10. That may seem is a lot to consume, but for most of us, that equals about 2 drinks, much less than one would consider themselves as having too much to drink. The phrase drunk driving, it is a misnomer; drunk gives us a vision of someone who is falling over, slurring their words and staggering. There are many people who seem to be completely in control even when drunk. There are some people who can function completely normal not knowing that their faculties are impaired until they have to make a split reaction at the spur of the moment.

There is only one way to really know if you are impaired when driving and that is by doing a blood alcohol test. Since most of us don’t have the capabilities to do that, therefore, it is best to not drink at all when you intend to drive. It may seem like overkill to completely not drink at all but in reality that is the only way to insure that you have not had over the legal limit. Each person has a different metabolism rate for alcohol. The effects of 4 drinks on one individual may be the same as one on another. The cost of a DUI or DWI is not worth taking the risk of stepping behind the car wheel. Making sure to have a designated driver is a good idea for any night out.

If you do decide to drink, there is no shame in asking for a ride home or taking a taxi. The only shame comes when you decide to drive a car and take the risk of losing your livelihood at best and your life at worst. If you have been convicted of drinking and driving, you still need to be covered, no matter the cost. Don’t wait another day to get your free rate quote and see how you’re exiting policy measures up against others. Simply input your zip code at the top of this page to start potentially saving hundreds per year on your auto insurance premium. The auto insurance laws are very clear about what you have to have when operating a vehicle, following them and staying complaint is mandatory.