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How DUI Can Affect Auto Insurance Cost

Being pulled over for a DUI or DWI is quite possibly the scariest thing that a driver can experience. Even if you aren’t drinking, there is always a sinking feeling in your stomach; it is a horrible feeling all the way around. If you have been convicted, you have no doubt to have seen an increase in your auto insurance cost although there’s a very little consequence in the scope of the severity of the cost of a DUI or DWI or financially and personally.

Although each state has different consequences for a DUI or DWI convictions, the potential sentences and consequences are standard throughout most states. When convicted, there is always the potential for incarceration. Jail terms can vary significantly from short term stays, allocated mostly for first time offenders to much longer terms for repeat offenders. Long term incarceration is usually reserved for those offenders who render larger charges such as aggravated DUI, or those who have caused injury, or death, to others as a result of their actions. Commonly, the more severe sentences are attached to the more serious offenses. There are those states that are taking harsh approach to drinking and driving that impose stricter penalties no matter what the circumstances of the event.

Most states will impose a driver’s license suspension even with only one offense. The duration of the suspension can vary greatly depending on many factors and are left up to the court’s jurisdiction to impose. There are also instances where the court will impose a use of an ignition interlock device or a IID. An IID is a device which is installed into the car of the driver which will not allow the driver to start the ignition unless their breath sample shows that they have no alcohol or substances in their body. This can be imposed for any length of time and to first time or repeat offenders. Another tool used by the court for those convicted of impaired driving is to take and pass the completion of alcohol and  alcohol education programs before their suspension or impoundment can be lifted, and their driver’s privileges can be restored.

Other sentences that can be imposed are community service and probation. Community service is left to the discretion of the court as to kind and length as is the probationary period. Sometimes, the use of SCRAM bracelets can accompany the probation. These are ankle bracelets that monitor for alcohol in the defendant. If the defendant does not follow the conditions of their probation, the probation may be provoked and a higher sentence will be instituted. For repeat offenders, there is also the option for vehicle impoundment.

The consequences for a DUI and DWI are substantial. Not only are there many different punishments imposed above, but there are also penalties not imposed by the courts of law. Increases in auto insurance premiums can be substantial, or you may not be insurable at all. If you are looking for car insurance cost that you can afford after an alcohol conviction, make sure to comparison shop. A DUI conviction does not mean that you are uninsurable.

Fill out your zip code above and see what is available in your area. You may be pleasantly surprised by the cost of your free rate quote. Don’t make any assumptions until you know for sure what is available. After having a DUI and DWI conviction, the last thing you want is to not be compliant with auto insurance laws. Comparing the auto insurance cost may allow you to get insurance you can still