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How DMV Can Help Seniors Lower Their Auto Insurance Cost

How frustrating is it to finally get to the age of retirement, a time when things should be getting easier, slowing down a bit, only to find that your auto insurance rate has gone up. There are ways the DMV can help to lower those costs associated with aging. With a now limited monthly income, you are trying to find ways to cut back, the very last thing you need is a company looking for ways to charge you more. Combat the increase to your auto insurance by finding a way to offset the cost.

Almost all auto insurance companies will begin to increase your rate incrementally past the age of 65. Although that may make you angry, it is just the way that it is. When insurance companies rate age groups, they consider people over the age of 65 as being in a higher risk category than other age groups. Although that practice is pretty standard across the board, you may want to compare the rates of other companies.

There is so much competition in the auto insurance industry right now that you may be able to get a better deal from another company for switching. Even if you are put into a higher risk category, they may offer you a lower price just to switch. If that fails, there are other ways to lower your cost so that you can make your monthly premium on a retirement budget.

Some insurance carriers will offer discounts to seniors who completed driving courses. The Department of Motor Vehicles offers different courses for drivers of any age. Defensive driving courses will sometimes be accepted by your insurance company in exchange for lowering your auto cost. Although it may not be the big decrease, it may be enough to equal the yearly increase. Another way to get the DMV involved is by renewing your license on a regular basis. Insurance companies will work with the DMV to keep rates low for those seniors who pass a driver’s test on a yearly or bi-yearly basis. I know, not your idea of fun, but if it means more money in your pocket; it may be worth it.

Most importantly, make sure to keep your driving record clean. The reason that seniors are considered high risk is because their reaction time is slower which leads to more accidents in the age group of 65 or older. Making sure that you have the proper eye wear, driving at times of the day when you know you are most alert, and avoiding driving under bad weather conditions, are all a good way to minimize any moving violations or accidents on your record that will add to your cost. If your auto insurance carrier is unwilling to work with you to lower costs then it is time to look into switching companies.

Take the time now to input your zip code at the top of this page. You will receive several quotes in the matter of minutes allowing you to see how your current policy rates among others, and allowing you to make the best decision for your auto insurance needs. Why wait another day paying a higher price than you need to? If you are willing to jump through the hoops to work with the DMV and you get no benefit, you can most definitely find another company who will appreciate and reward you for it.