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How Can An Uninsured Drivers Get Cheap Car Insurance?

Driving uninsured is not only putting yourself at risk but those around you as well.  The phrase “cheap car insurance” may seem like a misnomer when you barely have enough to pay your rent but driving without insurance is not only against the law, it is leaving yourself open for consequences that can last a lifetime.

In recent years, the cost of uninsured drivers on state governments cost the tax payers over $10 billion. Although that number was just an estimate, as economic times get harder the figure of 13.8% of drivers being uninsured in 2007 has almost doubled. With people becoming unemployed and everything around them becomes more expensive; the very first thing to do is to get car insurance. As the stakes for states continue to rise, they are coming up with more creative ways to hold drivers accountable for not being insured properly.

CheapAutoInsuranceMost states have a compulsory auto insurance law which states that in order to operate a motor vehicle in the state; you must have an auto insurance policy. The types of policies and the amount of coverage you need vary across states but the minimum required for almost all is collision insurance. Collision insurance is coverage that will protect you from physical damage or bodily injury if you are in a car accident. Unfortunately, if a driver does not carry insurance and is in an accident, the cost then reflects upon the victim who was injured and ultimately, the state in which the driver’s license was issued. What that translates into is tax dollars.

In an attempt to clamp down, some states are coming up with some hefty consequences for those who chose not to carry insurance. New Jersey and California have enacted the “Personal Responsibility Act”, the gist of which is that if you get into an accident and are not carrying the minimum auto insurance required by law, then you are unable to recover non economic compensation. In effect, you are not allowed to bring a suit to recover things such as “pain and suffering” if you are injured as a result of that accident.

North Carolina seeing an increase in the cost for the state from uninsured motorists, now requires that you must have proof of insurance prior to obtaining a drivers license. You are not eligible to receive a driver’s license through the DMV without a certificate of insurance. In an attempt to try something new, Arizona has proposed a law that would mean that inexpensive car insurance is tied to a license plate. Your license plate would only be good for the time that you paid for your policy. Once it is up, your plates would no longer be good. It would be an easier way for authorities to spot offenders when they were out driving on the road. However, this “Disneyland model” has not been passed.

States are recognizing the huge costs of uninsured drivers and make the consequences for them steeper. Although insurance is not an inexpensive thing, you must carry it. Don’t let your coverage slide because you think you can’t afford it. Input your zip code at the top of the page to see what insurance costs are for your area. Within minutes you will receive a free rate quote and make sure you are not overpaying for your auto insurance. There is such a thing as cheap car insurance, you just really have to shop around to find it.