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How A DUI Charge Can Be Demolished As Stated By The DMV

In some states, the law recognizes the Expungement Law when it comes to DUI charges. Also known as the sealing law, it specifically refers to completely obliterating a conviction from someone’s criminal history. The DMV recognizes this in some states and in some states, it does not. Most people desire to have their DUI convictions expunged usually have a job on the line in relation to this. Most employers require a background check to be done prior to them employing someone. More and more companies require this to be done even if the job the applicants are applying for do not involve driving. If you want a DUI conviction removed from your driving history you must hire a qualified DUI attorney.

AutoInsuranceWhenever one is applying for a job, they are required to fill out a questionnaire about ones past. Once your slate is wiped clean, you will not be required to answer yes under the question of if you have ever been convicted of a crime.  However, the expungement law has its limits. If by chance you are lucky and have your initial DUI charge obliterated from your driving history, a repeat of the crime will be arraigned in court as a second offense. This means that all the penalties and punishments accorded to a repeat offender will be passed on to you despite your previous crime being expunged. A qualified DUI attorney will advise you on this when taking up your case for expungement of your DUI.

Expungement Law does not provide for the complete removal of your DUI from your driving history. Other branches of the law like courts and law enforcement officers can still access these records but any other entity like a potential employer, may not be able to. In essence, the DUI record is actually sealed from the public and not deleted completely. Not all states have the Expungement law, but this is not to say that the states that do are in any way lenient when it comes to DUIs. It is only to assist in background checks.

Anyone looking to have their DUI record expunged, they must first check to see if their state allows for it in the first place.  States that provide for Expungement Law have different statutes concerning the law. They also have different statutes on who is eligible for expungement and who is not.  A DUI charge hangs over your head for a long time however much you may try to correct your life after that. In order to be eligible for expungement, you must meet a certain set of conditions which can only be explained well by a qualified DUI attorney. DUI expungement will only benefit someone if his or her reputation is on the line as a result of the DUI conviction.

If you are in a situation that calls for your DUI conviction to be erased from your driving history, enter your Zip code at the start of the page and we can tell you if your state recognizes the Expungement Law.