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Guide To Auto Insurance Laws In The US

It is mandatory in most of the states to have car insurance or be able to show proof that they are financially responsible in the event they are involved in an auto accident and they are the ones who caused it. Experts studying the auto insurance scenario say that a large percentage of American drivers are driving without proper car insurance on the roads of the US.

This means that the number of compensation defaults is high and in an effort to curb this, the governments of the states have taken it upon themselves to tighten the rules and regulations surrounding auto insurance. The best and most convenient way to do it is by making it mandatory to have car insurance and most Americans prefer buying cheap car insurance from registered auto insurance companies in the respective states.

AutoInsuranceThere are other options apart from getting cheap car insurance that can serve the same purpose. In most of the states, you can deposit a certain amount of stipulated cash in liquid form or in form of a cashiers’ check with your states county judge or securities with the county comptroller. You may also file for a surety bond after giving the details of two persons who are the legitimate owners of real property in your respective state. Another way you may achieve financial responsibility is to self insure yourself by getting certified by your local DMV. This usually is achieved if you have a large fleet of vehicles, mostly more than 25 vehicles.

Auto insurance laws state that there is a minimum amount of liability insurance that any driver in the respective states should carry. The minimum liability insurance is meant to cover for personal or bodily injury to a person or persons, the death of one or more persons due to a car accident and the property damage or destruction arising from the accident. You are expected to fulfill these requirements and be able to show proof that you have met these requirements at all times. This is because every law enforcement officer is obligated to ask for this proof at any one time you are pulled over. It can be in form of a car insurance card in case you are covered by an insurance policy from an auto insurance carrier or a certificate of self insurance in case you are certified by your local DMV as self insured.

It’s always wise to go with the auto insurance laws because the opposite will lead to stiff repercussions that will not be a walk in the park. Being able to cover for the damages and expenses arising from an auto accident is not only showing care for the welfare of your fellow citizens, but also keeps you out of trouble with the law. If you are caught in the wrong side of the law, the penalties and fines are extra exorbitant to be a lesson to you and to discourage potential offenders from going down this road.

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