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Getting Informed On Auto Insurance In The US To Avoid Penalties

AutoInsurance1. What are the penalties for driving without insurance in states where it is mandatory?

One thing is true though, driving without any proof of auto insurance will get you in problems that are very steep and unpleasant. Here are some of the penalties that are found in most of the states in the US for driving without valid car insurance or having no financial responsibility whatsoever:

* Suspended and/or revoked driver’s license

* Suspended and or revoked car registration

* Exorbitant fines

* Fulfilling requirements that entail reinstatement of your license and registration

* Fulfilling SR-22 requirements

* Paying for traffic citations in addition to the car insurance violation you were found with

* In more serious situations you may face a jail term

These are just the common penalties most states have but to be more specific, check out your local DMV website for the more particular penalties and fines that apply to your state.

2. How can I ensure that my car insurance policy stays current to avoid a lapse or cancellation of my policy?

Allowing your policy to lapse can be intentional or unintentional but the results are the same. When you drive a vehicle after your policy has lapsed is illegal in most states. The car insurance companies in the US have an obligation under the law to pass on this information to the department of motor vehicles and so if you are pulled over, they already know you are not insured and you will get in trouble with the law. The simplest way to make sure you do not find yourself in this predicament is to pay your insurance premiums on time. There is no short cut to this. The only thing you can do is to make change so that you do not forget due to the hassles and bustles of everyday life. One way you can do this is by making yearly payments as opposed to monthly payments which you can easily forget. You may also make use of automatic electronic funds transfer whereby your provider will get the amount every month automatically from your Debit or Credit Card Company. You should also be sure to understand before you get an insurance policy, what the car insurance company stand is on late payments. Always go for an accommodative insurance company that will at least inform you and give you a grace period in lieu of dropping your policy immediately.

3. What are the penalties for making late car insurance payments?

These, once again vary from state to state. The consequences are usually the suspension of your license and to get it reinstated you have to pay a fine usually about $250. You will also be charged for each day you do not resolve the matter. These fees can go u to $12 per day in some states e.g. New York.

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