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Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Insurance In US

Getting your vehicle insured in The US is a necessity and driving without insuring your car is not legal. Purchasing and maintaining auto insurance is the proof of your financial responsibility. Car insurance has many laws to follow and when people go for getting their car insured there are many questions that come to their minds and that need to be answered. Questions like do I have to have auto insurance? When do I have to show proof that I have auto insurance? How are auto insurance rates determined? Etc. Let’s have a look at these questions and briefly answer them.

1. Do I have to have auto insurance?

Answer. Auto insurance is a necessity for the people under the US sun. Without insurance of their vehicle, they are not permitted drivers’ license and it is illegal to not have insurance. For any accident caused in which you are held responsible, your insurance company would have to pay for the expense of the other person. These expenses vary from person and property.

2. When do I have to show proof that I have auto insurance?

Answer. Whenever a law enforcement officer asks for your insurance card, you need to show it to him. Whenever you are involved in an accident regardless of the fact that you are the faulty one or not you will be asked to show your insurance card. When you are stuck in traffic for a violation or any other thing then you would be asked to show your card and also when you go for registering your car or getting your car inspected or for renewing your drivers’ license.

3. Who pays to fix my car?

Answer. In an accident, when you are responsible for the accident your insurance company will have to pay for the damage caused to the other person. If the other person is responsible for the accident then his insurance company will have to pay for the expenses on your car.

4. What will happen if I don’t have auto insurance?

Answer. Car insurance is necessary in The US. It is a law to have your vehicle auto insured. If on checking you don’t have insurance card then you will be fined, and on other days if again you are asked for your insurance card and don’t provide the card then your vehicle can be confiscated and your drivers’ license can be suspended. If you don’t have auto insurance you will be held responsible for any accident that you cause and even if you are not responsible for it. You can be sued by court or you personal savings can be taken from you to pay the expense in an accident.

There are many questions regarding car insurance. People have many queries regarding the insurance policy and other things. If you need to check your policy and minimize your expense and maximize your savings then simply enter you zip below and check. You can find whatever you need to and get your expenses to a low and your savings to a maximum. Moreover, the information on every State’s legal laws regarding the car insurance in available online. You can access this information by simply inserting your State Zip code in the given box.