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DUI Violations From A DMV: Know Your Rights

Doing an auto insurance comparison is the best way to get the lowest price possible on your premium. If you have a driver’s record that has a conviction such as a DUI or DWI from the DMV, then finding low cost insurance is going to take much more research and effort on your part. When you are pulled over for probable drinking and driving, you do have certain rights. Sometimes exercising them is a good idea, sometimes they are not. Knowing what things you may want to decline and what the consequence of doing so may mean the difference between a prosecution’s case that is hard to defend yourself against, or one that will get thrown out right away.

When you are first pulled over for a violation, if there the officer suspects that alcohol may be involved, they need something called probable cause to test you any further for alcohol consumption. Probable cause is a very subjective thing sometimes, and unfortunately, the authorities are given some liberties here. If you are driving erratic, ten miles or under, or have shown bad decision making in your driving, they may have cause to proceed further.

The next test that they can require is a breath test, or a field sobriety test. Both of these tests are tricky. You have no obligation to take either of them, but the question then remains are there advantages, or disadvantages to taking them or refusing to take them. Obviously, if you have not had anything to drink, then you should move further with their request. If you have nothing to fear, then allow them to rule out any influence of alcohol. If you have had any alcohol at all, this is a test that you may want to consider refusing. If you go ahead with the test, you will most likely be subjected to further testing. The test results are all based on the opinion of the officer. He or she is the ultimate judge of whether there should be further testing. In most cases, if there is suspicion, you will not pass.

If you were not pulled over because you were driving erratically, driving more than 10 miles under the speed limit, or have admitted to drinking at all prior to the event, then they really have no reason to proceed with the testing. If you were pulled over for any of those reasons, however, you will probably be subjected to further testing. Declining a test if there has been no probably cause is a good idea; it can stop any further testing from being done without consequence. If the officer has already sighted you for probable cause, or you admitted drinking prior to the accident, you will be subjected to further testing especially if you look like you have been lying.

Therefore, the question of whether you should decline or not depends on the circumstances leading to the request. Knowing your rights and when to exercise them can save you from further ordeal all together. If you are arrested and convicted, however, making sure that you are insured is imperative to avoid further criminal issues. There are some carriers that will deny coverage or make it very costly.

If you are having a hard time finding insurance after a conviction, input your zip code at the top of this page and see what is available in your area. You may find with the free rate quote supplied that insurance is not only available, but affordable as well. Doing an auto insurance comparison may be the only way to insure yourself if you have been convicted of a DUI or DWI under the DMV.