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Different Status On Second DUI Charge According To The DMV

In each state, there are different laws regarding DUIs. First time offenders are treated differently from second and repeat offenders depending on the circumstances surrounding their arrest. It is always advisable to get the right information concerning what your state outlines as measures to handle DUIs. You have to check with your local DMV.

In this article, we shall dwell on a few states and detail which provide for DUI classes for second time offenders or not. Most states provide alcohol and drug rehabilitation for such offenders as a measure to pass education on the subject instead of just punishing the offenders. Some states however leave the discretion of such matters to the judge handling the case. States like Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana and many others do not provide well documented means of dealing with DUI rehabilitation.

A few of the states that provide them are the following:

Alaska – if the court does not dictate on the DUI programs to be taken, the Alcohol Safety Awareness Program will have information on which classes to take.

Arkansas – the Alcohol Safety Education Program in the state lasts more than 10 hours but the court may suggest that you different program that is similar o the one mentioned.

California – Your level of blood alcohol concentration in this state will dictate how long you will be required by the court to attend drug rehabilitation classes. Usually they may last as long as 9 months.

Georgia – An assessment carried out during the risk education program that lasts roughly an hour will dictate whether you should have an intervention.

Kansas – In this state, the discretion on the length of time to be spent by the offender in rehabilitation is left solely to the courts.

New Hampshire – The time to be spent during rehabilitation is dependent on the program chosen but it usually lasts between 1 to 28 days.

New Mexico – The number of days spent in rehabilitation depends on if the offender will be doing an inpatient or outpatient program. Inpatients will serve a minimum of 28 days while outpatient is a minimum of 90 days. In New Hampshire however, the offender will have to attend the program prescribed by the court for a period not less than 16 weeks.

Pennsylvania – The Alcohol Safety Program in this state provides for an online program that should be completed in 30 days. The program lasts roughly 12 hours though you are still required to attend a drug treatment class.

Rhode Island – The court requires you to enroll into the Rhode Island Community College for drug assessment. After that you are required to either join a DUI driving school or a drug treatment program.

These are just but a few states that have drug rehabilitation as their way of dealing with DUIs. They have so far made good progress as compared to imposing hefty fines on offenders. To know about what is offered in other states enter your area’s Zip code and press enter. A world of information awaits you at the touch of a button.