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Auto Insurance Questions And Their Answers

a) What is an exclusion and why do I need it?

Exclusion is a clause in your car insurance policy that specifically excludes someone from being covered by your policy due to different reasons. The exclusion can be inserted into your policy upon your request or the auto insurance provider. There are various types of car insurance exclusions that are for different purposes. A driver exclusion goes to exclude a particular person e.g. your teenage son or daughter or any person with access to your car from coverage by you policy. Insurance companies will also write up an exclusion clause in the event you have overlapping insurance policies with two or more insurance carriers. They will state the specific coverage and amount each will offer. An exclusion may also be invoked for employees stating the insurance carrier will not compensate if at the time of the accident an employee was driving the vehicle. In other cases the insurance company may also predetermine via an exclusion clause in your policy that they will not offer collision coverage if at the time of the collision you were drag racing.

b) What is rental reimbursement coverage and how does it affect me?

This is an optional benefit in the auto insurance industry and entails coverage for the cost of a car after being involved in an accident resulting in damage or destruction. It is not a requirement in your policy but creates convenience in case you do not have a back up car to get to work or take your kids to school before your car gets repaired. You may achieve this by renting a car from a rental company approved by your insurance provider and bill them directly or you can rent from any rental company and present them with receipts while claiming a reimbursement. It is usually a per day per accident coverage and once you reach the agreed limit, the insurance company will not pay for the difference. It however advisable to rent a car that is not necessarily the same to your car that is in repair. Choose a cheaper car because this will keep the cost of insurance at a low pending your car’s arrival.

c) What is gap insurance?

It is basically the monetary bridge between what you owe on a motor vehicle loan and what the estimate of the car’s worth is. Also known as loan/lease insurance, it is beneficial to people who deal in buying cars or leasing them. When a car accident occurs, the insurance company will calculate what the worth of the car was just before the accident and not at buying price meaning there will be a difference. Gap insurance will cover for the difference because you still have to payoff the full amount as per your loan agreement.

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Facts About Lapses, Cancellation Or Reinstatement Of Auto Insurance Policies

1. What am I supposed to do if my auto insurance policy lapses?

The first thing you need to understand is that you automatically become an illegal driver if your auto insurance lapses and you still insist on getting behind the wheel. You will face stiff penalties in conjunction with exorbitant fines. Your insurance provider may also decide to increase your premiums. More so, you will not be covered by your provider meaning if you get in an accident, you will have to pay for the expenses out of your pocket in addition to paying fines for lack of insurance. A lapse will take effect immediately your coverage is dropped by your insurer. What follows is communication between the insurer and the local DMV about you not having insurance anymore. There is no short cut about it. You will have to resume your policy or get another as soon as you can or stop driving all together.

2. How do I reinstate my policy after a lapse?

If you have had a healthy relationship with your car insurance provider and the lapse is only for a couple of days, contacting them and explaining will suffice because they consider you a good client. On the other hand if you have made this a habit, then your chances get even harder. In addition to making it harder for you to be reinstated by taking too long to do it, the local DMV will also fine for every day that passes after a lapse. For example in the state of New York, motorists are fined $8 for every day that passes after a lapse and increases to up to $12 per day after 60 days. Paying for the premiums and stipulated fines will reinstate your policy. If the auto insurance decides you are too much of a risk they may decide to cancel your policy and all you can do is find another insurance provider.

3. If I want to cancel my policy, how do I go about it?

All you have to do is write to them and or call them and inform them of your intention. Letting it lapse and assuming they will understand will not fly. This is because they are obligated by law to inform your state’s DMV that you are no longer covered. State the reasons why your are cancelling the policy e.g. due to sale of the car, change of insurance carriers or death of the car owner and so forth. This will stop them from penalizing you for a car you no longer have or has a new policy with a different insurer covering it.

Understanding insurance policies can be a tricky and confusing affair and asking questions such as the above will make you more informed in your future car insurance decisions. Also you can get free online insurance quotes from our site at the click of a mouse by entering your state’s zip code above and get matched up with a suitable insurer.

How An Auto Insurance Company Determine Your Insurance Risk Level

Whenever you receive an auto insurance quote, be it a quote when you visit the provider directly or online insurance quotes, the auto insurance carrier will first have to weigh your risk factor because after all, they will be getting into business with you and they have the right to protect their investment. But the frequently asked question is – how do they determine your level of risk? They spend millions of dollars every year to try and determine patterns of risky investments in form of motorists who are unsafe for business. To come up with this, they have risk factors that allow them to pinpoint what type of a client you would be and the advantage is, the factors are all within your reach and controlling them is easy. This means by knowing what they are and adjusting your habits, you can get very cheap car insurance rates. Some of the factors are:

i) Age – when you are young of age e.g. a teenager, the rates are usually high because until you reach an age of about 25 years, you are considered a risky driver mostly due to inexperience in driving.

ii) Your credit rating – studies have shown that the lower the credit rating you have, the higher a risk you present as a driver and so by having a higher credit rating you end up having lower premiums for your car insurance.

iii) Your occupation – if you present lower mileages by for example working at home, then you get lower car insurance rates. The fewer times you spend driving the lesser risk you have of getting involved in an accident which in turn makes you a safe investment.

iv) Type of car you drive – the fancier your car is the higher the insurance rate you will be given by the insurance provider. This is because it is more likely to get stolen than an ordinary car. You may however get a discount if you take safety measure like anti lock brakes, low jack systems and the likes.

v) Prompt premium payment – if you have a history of not paying your premiums on time then you can only be considered as high risk but the opposite would lower your rates since you show responsibility.

vi) Clean driving record – the state of your driving record is a huge factor in determining the rate you will pay. If your driving record is clean, you can expect a cheap car insurance rate but if the opposite is true your rates will be much more higher.

There are other factors that you may not know such as your marital status because married people tend to be more careful drivers since they have their families in the car, gender and other factors. To learn more on this or if you have any other question you would like answered, you can enter you zip in the slot above and also get a free insurance quote from an insurance company of your choice.

How To Review And Improve Auto Insurance Policy

You may think after purchasing car insurance that you have it all covered but in most cases this is not true. As our daily lives change, and new needs arise, you will be faced with the task of finding ways to improve your policy to be more accommodating. You may find yourself in a situation where your kid has just reached the driving age allowed and your policy is not flexible enough to incorporate him or her. You have to find a coverage that will include your future plans or circumstances.

What should I consider then?

The number of drivers covered – when you first bought your policy, probably you were alone or just with your spouse. After some time maybe you have kids and other people that have valid driver’s licenses and have access to your vehicle, someone in your policy may now be deceased or you got divorced.

The coverage type – if you want to review your policy it means you already have one that is in line with the minimum liability insurance requirements of your state or at least have met the financial responsibility requirements of your state in other ways e.g. cash deposits or surety bonds. What is important here is the additional coverage that best suits you because the minimum liability insurance requirement only caters for the other driver. Such additional coverage includes comprehensive, collision especially if you have teen emergency roadside assistance coverage if someone in your household has started travelling a lot and many other changes that may occur in your household.

CheapAutoInsuranceVehicles covered – with changes in life you may have to purchase a new car or sell of your car and buy another car to accommodate other uses e.g. your new business car, of your new RV. If your vehicle has had quite some miles o it, you may talk to your agent about having your premiums reduced.

The claims process of your car insurance company –understanding this process is crucial even if you have never had any accident whatsoever. Read the insurance policy papers thoroughly and research on their websites. You do not want to be caught unawares by a clause that did not affect you a few years ago but affects you now.

Income changes – other than maintaining the minimum liability insurance requirements of your state, you should consider this. You may want to downsize on your auto insurance if you find yourself earning less than you used to. On the other hand if you make more money than before increasing your insurance is a very wise choice.

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How To Choose the Best car Insurance Carrier

1. Is the insurer licensed to operate in your state?

This should be your first step and the most convenient place to look for such information is your respective department of insurance. Most of this information can be obtained from the state’s department of insurance website. If the company you have in mind does not appear in their list, then there is no point of further pursuing the prospect of purchasing insurance from them.

2. Do you want a local or a nation provider?

Most of the auto insurance providers you will find locally are a branch of some national car insurance company but not in all cases. Here, what counts most is the comfort level you have with the choice you make. If you think you are better off with a local auto insurance provider whereby you can talk to the representatives face to face or if you believe in buying local to develop your locality then by all means buy local. If on the other hand you feel much safe in the hands of a multinational then it comes back to the level of comfort you are looking for.

3. Have you taken time to compare auto insurance rates?

Making an online comparison of rates from different auto insurance providers is not necessarily the most important thing but it is essential. If you are able to pay less for the same policy being charged a higher rate by another provider then go for it. The thing to look out for is the coverage offered in the policy. You might also want to consider the incentives they offer by talking to some agents and finding out about such things as discounts and other incentives. You will then be left with a list of insurance providers you are comfortable dealing with.

4. Have you checked their company ratings?

Company ratings help you identify solid companies that have good reputation and are worthwhile people to deal with. Companies such as J.D. Power and Associates collect information from insurance companies’ clients and rate them by virtue of customer satisfaction levels, number and methods of claims handled, rates, coverage options and many more. These ratings will give you a good direction as which company you want to deal with.

5. Have you asked about their policy on discounts?

No matter what any one says discounts are an integral part of auto insurance and will save you hundreds of dollars annually if you get the right fit, such discounts include discounts for adding special gadgets to your vehicle to avoid theft, loyal customer discounts that are given when you renew your policy or discounts for taking a safety driver’s course.

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How Assests Can Affect Your Auto Insurance

How do my assets affect my personal injury liability and damage to property liability?

Personal injury liability covers the medical expenses incurred by another party through your fault in a car accident while property damage liability insurance is for expenses incurred to repair the other parties’ property you have damaged or destroyed. Believe it or not, the richer you are, the more liability auto insurance coverage you have. Take this for example – when you have a physical injury coverage of about $200,000 and have an asset e.g. a house worth $500,000 in addition to a large sum of money in the bank and in an unfortunate incident you cause a serious car accident that goes beyond your $200,000 limit, the injured could sue for the remainder. In this case, they could very well win and what happens is that the court may confiscate your house or your money in the bank to cover for the difference. In short, the higher liability insurance you have will help protect your assets from being seized to cover for expenses arising from a car accident you caused. It would however be difficult to make a successful claim on a person with a lower liability insurance and has few assets, hence, the more assets you have the more you have to lose. Hence, having higher liability insurance is the wise thing to do.

And what about other auto insurance coverage, how do they affect my assets?

You will be amazed to find out that the opposite of the above is true when it comes to other coverage options such as collision coverage, comprehensive coverage and medical coverage. Why? It is because with these types of coverage you are actually better positioned to take in the costs of hefty expenses in car repairs, theft, medical costs and so forth, without worrying about getting sued. It is however advisable to carry a good enough amount of such car insurance just to be on the safe side in case you are face with a huge bill from a repair shop or a hospital.

– To protect my assets, how much auto insurance should I carry?

The amount of car insurance coverage that you should have should be as much as you can possibly afford. It does not matter how few or lots your assets are. In doing so you are adequately protecting your assets from seizure but also give you peace of mind knowing you are financially secure even in the event of an unforeseen event. Also, the cost of auto insurance becomes gradually less expensive with a higher coverage.

As a final word, if you have many assets, consider an umbrella policy which comes in as soon as all your insurance limits have been exhausted. To learn more on this topic and to answer many other car insurance related questions, just enter your zip in the above slot and get started. You will also get loads of information on cheap car insurance in your locality and also get free online insurance quotes if you up for it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Insurance In US

Getting your vehicle insured in The US is a necessity and driving without insuring your car is not legal. Purchasing and maintaining auto insurance is the proof of your financial responsibility. Car insurance has many laws to follow and when people go for getting their car insured there are many questions that come to their minds and that need to be answered. Questions like do I have to have auto insurance? When do I have to show proof that I have auto insurance? How are auto insurance rates determined? Etc. Let’s have a look at these questions and briefly answer them.

1. Do I have to have auto insurance?

Answer. Auto insurance is a necessity for the people under the US sun. Without insurance of their vehicle, they are not permitted drivers’ license and it is illegal to not have insurance. For any accident caused in which you are held responsible, your insurance company would have to pay for the expense of the other person. These expenses vary from person and property.

2. When do I have to show proof that I have auto insurance?

Answer. Whenever a law enforcement officer asks for your insurance card, you need to show it to him. Whenever you are involved in an accident regardless of the fact that you are the faulty one or not you will be asked to show your insurance card. When you are stuck in traffic for a violation or any other thing then you would be asked to show your card and also when you go for registering your car or getting your car inspected or for renewing your drivers’ license.

3. Who pays to fix my car?

Answer. In an accident, when you are responsible for the accident your insurance company will have to pay for the damage caused to the other person. If the other person is responsible for the accident then his insurance company will have to pay for the expenses on your car.

4. What will happen if I don’t have auto insurance?

Answer. Car insurance is necessary in The US. It is a law to have your vehicle auto insured. If on checking you don’t have insurance card then you will be fined, and on other days if again you are asked for your insurance card and don’t provide the card then your vehicle can be confiscated and your drivers’ license can be suspended. If you don’t have auto insurance you will be held responsible for any accident that you cause and even if you are not responsible for it. You can be sued by court or you personal savings can be taken from you to pay the expense in an accident.

There are many questions regarding car insurance. People have many queries regarding the insurance policy and other things. If you need to check your policy and minimize your expense and maximize your savings then simply enter you zip below and check. You can find whatever you need to and get your expenses to a low and your savings to a maximum. Moreover, the information on every State’s legal laws regarding the car insurance in available online. You can access this information by simply inserting your State Zip code in the given box.

All About Auto Insurance Policies

Why do I need to add another car to my existing auto insurance policy?

In our day to day lives, situations constantly change and what was important to you a few years back may not be ideal for your present needs. For example, after you get married and started a family, your sports car may not be convenient for taking your kids to school or for family road trips anymore. You want to buy another family car like a minivan and add it to you policy. Also, your teenage daughter or son may have gotten a new car and a driver’s license. Other reasons may be because you jointly own another car and need it in your policy or you have temporarily leased a car and it needs insurance coverage. After all, it is a wise decision to have multiple car insurance with the same insurer because it qualifies you for discounts that take you annual premiums lower.

How do I add another car to my policy?

To do this, all you have to do is to contact your current car insurance agent or carrier and give them your name and insurance policy number they have assigned you. You may also want to have information on who will be included in the policy following this new policy e.g. your teenage daughter or son including their names, driver’s license number, date of birth etc. Also more importantly is the make, model, year of manufacture, odometer reading, and vehicle identification number. Give information on any excluded driver and the drivers expected to drive the car. Finally, give specifics of the type of car insurance coverage you want for the new car detailing the type and amount of coverage e.g. property damage liability at $30,000, bodily injury liability at $60,000 and so forth.

How else can I achieve low cost car insurance?

Getting cheap auto insurance is not unachievable. All the factors are within control you just have to know what they are. You can lower the premiums charged by insurance companies by proving that you are a safe driver. You can do this by passing the driver’s education course which will prove to them that you are a careful driver they can trust. Also, when you buy all your insurance e.g. auto, health, life and homeowners insurance from the same provider they will give you a considerable discount. Taking additional safety steps to your vehicle e.g. installing alarm systems, anti locking brakes, anti theft locks and the likes may also substantially lower your premiums. You will end up saving hundreds of dollars at the end of the year just by doing such small things.

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Answers To All Of Your Questions About Auto Insurance In America

LowCostAutoInsurance1. What is financial responsibility in relation to auto insurance?

When we talk about financial responsibility in the car insurance scenario, what it meant is simple. Whenever you are driving your car, it simply means that you have to be able to show proof that in case you are involved in an accident in which you are the one who caused it, then you are able to pay for the financial burden you have imposed on the other party due to the accident. Financial responsibility or the monetary obligation you have to the injured driver after an accident is mandatory under the law and the different states have different minimum limits that should be able to cover for the expenses of the accident. The most common way to show this responsibility is by obtaining cheap car insurance from a licensed auto insurance company in your state. You will be issued with an auto insurance card that a law officer will occasionally as you to provide as proof of financial responsibility anytime you are behind the wheel.

2. Are there other options I have to show financial responsibility?

Apart from the common means of proving you have financial responsibility i.e. cheap car insurance from an insurance company, you have other options you can go with. You may opt for self insurance a method that is lawfully accepted in all states in the US. To be self insured means setting aside an amount of money that will serve to cover unexpected costs that come about as a result of a car accident. Seeing as many states have set the minimum liability insurance, in a place like California, the amount set aside is equivalent to the minimum requirement and is held by the local DMV at which point one is issued a certificate of self insurance. In other state like Colorado, you must have at least twenty five or more vehicles in your fleet to qualify for self insurance.

You also have the option to deposit an amount of cash with the local DMV that is equivalent to the liability coverage stipulated by the state. In Washington for example the amount is $60,000 and $35,000 in California. Other than making a cash deposit, your state may allow you to buy a surety bond whereby you will be able to put down a down payment in lieu of paying the whole sum all at a go. This makes them more convenient for most Americans.

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An Overview On American Auto Insurance

When shopping around for dependable car insurance from a good source, even the most experienced shoppers can get confused by the vast choices available. You should be able to know what type of coverage you require and also how much coverage you actually need. To start of here are some frequently asked questions on auto insurance and brief answers.

What is liability insurance?

Liability insurance is the amount of money you have to have when you are driving. It allows you to cover for cost that accrue in the event you cause an automobile accident and will cater for the other party you may have injured or damaged their property. In almost all the states, this is a mandatory requirement and unless you have other options such as self insurance or surety bond insurance in your state. When it comes to the question of how much of such liability insurance you should purchase, then the answer is quite simple. Each state has outlined what the minimum liability insurance obligation that each and everyone should have. However for physical injury, the law does not go above $100,000 and $25,000 for damage to property for every accident. Experts however recommend an amount of $300,000 and $100,000 respectively.

Apart from the mandatory minimum liability insurance, what other insurance is recommended?

Since liability insurance will only cover the other party, you should also consider some coverage for yourself too. In this case you might want to take up some collision coverage which will cover for costs related to damages to your car in an accident. Comprehensive coverage will cover damage that may come to your car as a result of events such as vandalism, natural occurrences, weather disasters and even theft. Another coverage you might want to have a look at is the underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage which will come in handy if the other driver you get in an accident with has insufficient or no insurance at all. However, the most important insurance to take care of you could be the personal injury protection or PIP. This insurance is mandatory in a number of states in the US and covers medical costs that the other driver’s liability insurance does not cover. It’s also known as no fault insurance.

If you own a posh car, live in a theft prone area or you are in a disaster prone area, you should heavily consider these coverage options just to avert unforeseen losses. Experts recommend the following:

$100 comprehensive insurance deductible, $250 collision insurance deductible and as for PIP coverage, you may have to ask your specific car insurance provider since they differ from one provider to another.

For more answer to questions on auto insurance in the US, just fill in the form above and in the same breath, get online car insurance quotes from the experts. Enjoy.