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Car Insurance Penalties Imposed For Law Breakers

You may think that living on the edge while evading the law all the while is a good idea until the law catches up with you. If you are a motorist on the roads of this Great Nation and you do not have car insurance, then your days are numbered. However, it not just a matter of escaping the law but also more of a moral issue. By having auto insurance, you are able to protect yourself and other motorists on the road like yourself.

If you have insurance but no uninsured motorist insurance and are involved in an accident whereby the other motorist does not have any coverage whatsoever, it would not be such a good experience to have absolutely no way of claiming any sort of reimbursement from him or her. Although you might get something out of them eventually, it will take a long time and numerous court proceedings that could have been avoided by just having cheap car insurance in the first place.

Having no insurance will end up costing you more that if you were insured because the penalties are steep and will create an impression on your wallets as a deliberate effort to ensure you have valid car insurance at all times. The event that you are caught without such auto insurance, then you could face hefty fines, license and/or registration suspension or even end up spending some time in jail. If the insurance you provide is improper under the US law, it is referred to as falsification of information to the insurance carriers while submitting an insurance application or making a claim. This will result in either incarceration of the fraudster, loss of the person’s driver’s license or face civil fines to the tune of an exorbitant nature for every violation.

For example, in New Jersey, car insurance law will fine you between $100 and $200 should you be caught driving a car with an expired inspection sticker. You may also get your registration privileges revoked by the MVC or even end up in jail for a period of up to 30 days. In the event that you are pulled over and given a ticket for driving with a vehicle with an expired license, check the penalties you may face with the court listed in your citation. Alternatively, you may consult your local MVC to get more information.

It is not worth it to break auto insurance laws while the alternative is much easier and cheaper. Picture this, in most states, first time offenders are liable to fines of up to $1,000, driver’s license suspensions or even subjected to community service. There are a lot of options for cheap car insurance and we are here to assist. To avoid paying such fines and facing penalties that could even land you in jail, do not shy away from auto insurance in the US just because of high rates. There are many insurance companies offering very cheap rates for good coverage. You could check them out here by just entering your zip code in the provided space and get a quote for FREE!