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Auto Insurance Laws – What Do You Need To Do In Case Of An Accident?

When you get yourself in a car accident, even though you may still be in shock, there are a few things the laws require you to do in that situation. Some guidelines are provided in driver’s handbooks and a lot of information can be obtained on the internet. Most of these tips are derived from each state’s transportation codes which are a collection of rules and regulation governing the sector. Enforced the department of insurance in each state, the law is especially strict in ensuring that everyone driving  a vehicle in the US has proof of financial obligation in case he or she causes an accident. Basic monetary obligation is may differ from state to state and so understanding the auto insurance laws of the state you have made your residence is imperative, lest you find yourself contradicting the law.

In every state in the US, the laws dictate that you stop at the scene of the car accident no matter how minor the accident is and the extent of the damage caused. After assessing the damage and determining the events leading to the car accident, you may the move your cars to the side of the road if they are in moving condition so as not to obstruct traffic flow. If on the other hand, there is an injured individual or individuals, calling the police are the next step. This is a requirement under the law. If there are people trapped in the vehicles, you should assist them out and then call the emergency number at once. Call in the sheriff’s department if you are out of your municipality or the local police department if within your municipality. Calling the department of public safety is also a good idea.

At this point, if you are able to move and comprehend what has happened, you may exchange essential auto insurance information with the other party involved in the accident taking their name, car insurance company and the validity of their policy. Also, you should write down their license and registration number, the car make and model and the number of passengers in the vehicle including any important contents of the vehicle. Also, if you are up for it, you may interview witnesses to the accident and take signed statements, names and their contacts. You should then call your US law on car insurance company and relay this information to them. In case the matter has to involve the police, then get a copy of the official police report and hand it over to your auto insurer. All these steps will make the job of settling any claims you or the other party has to make following the incident.

Do not let yourself be caught in such a situation without auto insurance because if you have to pay for such costs out-of-pocket, then you may even lose everything last saving you have. Get cheap car insurance from a solid car insurance company. You may start your search for such an insurance company by entering your zip in the form provided above and we will give you the perfect match for you specific needs.