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Auto Insurance Laws – Myths About Drunk Driving

A DUI or DWI DMV conviction can be very costly, not only to your overall livelihood but to your financials. It can substantially increase your auto premiums, not to mention the cost of the conviction itself. Getting comparison car insurance quotes may help you to get the lowest price insurance possible. We all get into situations where we make back choices. Driving while intoxicated only takes one to get caught and have consequences that can last and follow you a lifetime. The best way to avoid the conviction is obviously to not drive while impaired. If, however, you have been accused of a DUI or DWI, you may be lost as to what to do.

The very first thing to do once you are pulled over is to document all that happened preceding, during and after being pulled over. The details may become less easy to recall over time. Making sure to recall the events exactly as they happened is an important part of your defense. Certain questions you want to answer are what reason did the officer give you for pulling you over? When and where did the event occur? Did you take a breathalyzer, and if so, what was the exact device that was used? Finally, what answers did you give to the officer about where you were, what you ate and how much you had to drink?


In an age where everything you do is recorded on one social medium or another, there is evidence everywhere of your actions. Make sure that if there are any pictures, or videos recounting your actions or whereabouts for the evening, they are not posted anywhere. You will want to delete any evidence of what you did prior to be pulling over. All the pictures, or videos, that are posted anywhere are admissible against you in the prosecutor’s case. Also, if you had people with you the day or evening of the event who will testify to your state prior to be pulling over, they can strengthen your case. Ask around to see if anyone would be willing to come to your defense about the events of the time preceding the event.

The next important, and possibly more crucial step to take, is to hire a lawyer. Being very careful about who you find to defend you is crucial to your case and could make the difference between being convicted and having the case thrown out. A DUI or DWI is not something you want to advertise but if you know of anyone who has been in your situation, asking them for a referral is a good idea. Do your homework to find the best defense lawyer— one who specializes specifically in these offenses. They will know exactly what steps to take to defend you the best. Putting money into your defense is a good idea. If you don’t pay for a good lawyer, being convicted can have you paying of the rest of your life.

Take the time now to see how your existing car insurance premiums match up against others in your area. Scroll to the top of the page and input your zip code to receive a free rate quote. Don’t waste another day overpaying for your auto insurance needs, take care of it today. If you are going to incur a rate increase, you’ll want to make sure you are getting the lowest price possible from the start. Even if you are found not guilty, having the lowest price possible on your insurance is something that everyone desires. Following the rules of the DMV and never driving while intoxicated is the best way to save you from needing to read over these steps.