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Auto Insurance Laws For Teenagers Driving On A Permit

Having a teenage driver simply means that you have one more thing to worry about. If they just got their permit, you know how scary it is to drive with them. Imagine them driving on their own. You may also be wondering about auto insurance laws when they are driving on their permit. Of course, your first concern is their safety, but then for practical reasons, you worry about what should happen if they get into a driving accident. You question whether your insurance carrier will cover your teen, if you have to contact and add them, and any other laws regarding teen permit coverage is an immediate concern.

When your teen first receives their permit, you are so overwhelmed by the prospects of them driving that you may let the legality of everything pass you by. Taking them to get their permit is just the first step to allowing them to drive in real life. It is not enough to have the permit. If they get into an altercation where the police are involved, then the permit will be enough. If, however, they get into an accident, you need to know exactly what the laws are in relation to insuring permitted drivers.

Permitted drivers are no different than licensed drivers when it comes to the liability that they must carry. A permitted driver must have the minimum insurance required to drive. There are different guidelines for permitted drivers depending on their age. If they are younger than 18, insurance companies will often only insure you after you get your driver’s license. You are almost never able to go out and purchase a policy for yourself without a driver’s license. That means that a permitted driver has two other options

If you are under the age of 18, you must either get your insurance, if allowable under your parent’s existing auto insurance policy. The other way is through using the existing family policy as a blanket policy which will cover all drivers. The same is true whether you are a permit driver, or you have a license. Under the age of 18, these are usually the only ways to obtain car insurance. If you are over 18 with a permit, you are covered in the same manner but once you are able to pass the driver’s license exam, you will be able to obtain your own policy and be taken off of your parent’s existing policy.

Affording your teens additional auto insurance cost can be a hardship for many families. The period when they have their learner’s permit is a time when you don’t have to insure them but as soon as they get their license, you must add them to your insurance, literally that day. If they should get into an accident, being that they reside with you, they will not be covered under your policy. That means should they even be driving home from getting their license; that is how crucial calling your agent is.

Instead of adding them online, it may behoove you to call the company directly and see if you are able to get a decrease in your policy in some way. To offset the difference in adding a teen, there are some discounts that you may be able to obtain. For instance, some auto insurance carriers will give your teen a discount for being a good student; if your child can maintain B or above average grade, they will be eligible for good student discount. That can save you some money on the addition.

Also, depending on where you reside, you may be able to get a monitoring device for your car. Within some states insurance companies are allowed to install monitoring devices into cars. What these devices do is they monitor the driving habits of the driver and report them back to the carrier. If you are deemed a safe driver according to the monitor, you will see a decrease in your premium. For your teen this may be the ultimate good idea. Not only will it be a possibility for you to lower your rate, but you are able then to keep track of their driving behavior. Although you are doing it for cost saving reasons, it can also give you piece of mind to know that they are following the rules of the road even when you are not around.

There are also additional classes that some insurance carriers will offer for your teen to attend through the DMV. You may get some resistance from them since they just finished their driver’s education course, but it may be a good thing not only for your insurance cost but for your teen. Defensive driving courses teach your teen situations that you would only get through experience. When they do encounter those situations, it will not be a test run, but they will know how to handle the situation, keeping them safe.

The good news is that as time goes on, your teenager’s insurance will decrease. As they prove themselves as worthy drivers, you may be eligible for a decrease on your premium. Make sure you stay on top of your existing policy and make frequent checks to see what is available, or what you need to update to get the greatest savings possible.

If you have an existing policy, it may be beneficial to look around at other auto insurance rates before just sticking to the one you have. Sometimes, adding another driver to your plan can increase your premium substantially, making sure that you compare across companies can sometimes make a big difference. Take a few moments now to fill out the zip code at the top of this page to see how your current rates compare to other companies in your area. Within moments, you will receive several rate quotes, allowing you to make the best choice possible for your auto needs. Don’t wait another day to start paying potentially hundreds on your auto insurance costs this year. Although auto insurance laws will vary by state, in pertaining to permitted drivers these are the standard practices for insurance options.