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Auto Insurance Laws: All About Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Mothers Against Drunk Driving or MADD was the first organization to publicly champion for the implementation of stiffer Auto Insurance Laws and penalties for persons found guilty of DUI and DWI. It was started in California in 1980 by a lady by the name of Candice Lightner who lost her 13 year old daughter Cari as a result of an accident caused by an intoxicated driver. Her initial idea was to advocate for stiffer laws and penalties for DUI but the organization later expanded to advocating for barring of underage drinking as well as assisting persons affected by accidents caused by DUI. They have since grown to a nationwide movement which has several principles that guide them.

They are as follows:

AutoInsurance* Advocating for the minimum age for drinking to be 21 as well as maintaining or reducing in some cases, the BAC level at below 0.08 percent as well as stricter penalties for persons found guilty of DUI and DWI.

* Helping victims of drunken driving accidents plus their families as well as helping DUI offenders get the necessary help and also spread the message on the consequences of driving under the influence

* Increased taxes on alcoholic beverages

* Advocate for safety on the roads by insisting that all states join hands in placing laws enforcing wearing of seatbelts when driving as well as having a dedicated national traffic safety fund.

These are just but a few of the principles they advocate all over the country. In 1984, the organization got its first big success which was the passing of the act on minimum drinking age into law. The law was passed nationwide and has since had a great effect on the fight against underage drinking and DUI and DWI by extension. The organization also increased its membership exponentially following a grizzly bus crash in 1988 where parents and survivors alike of the fatal accident joined the organization.

In November 2006, MADD unleashed its four point plan to permanently stamp out DUI and DWI by way of technology. This plan was dubbed ‘The campaign to eliminate drunk driving’. Their plan advocated for fitting of alcohol ignition interlock device on the cars of persons charged with or have a history of DUI. This device and the law around it have since been implemented in some states and have surprisingly had very good results. This is one among the technological devices that MADD’s four point plan wanted to introduce and has worked brilliantly.

Despite all its successes, MADD has not been without its fair share of disappointments. The biggest blow came when the founding member, Candice Lightner, left the organization. She cited irreconcilable differences with her initial intention for the organization. This is just one among the many disappointments that happened over the years. No organization is perfect though. To know more on Mothers Against Drunk Driving, enter your Zip in the space provided above.