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Auto Insurance For People At The Age Of Twenty One

With every age comes new responsibility. It is exciting to become an adult with so many new freedoms and possibilities. If you have just turned 21, the prospects of being able to drink legally are probably very exciting. Knowing the auto insurance laws pertaining to drinking and driving are the best way to make sure that you are following the law. There are not only laws about drinking and driving, there are also exceptions to your policy. If you are drinking and driving and something happens, your insurance company will not be responsible if you are sued.

Drinking and driving is a very serious offense. If you have just turned 21, chances are that you are experimenting with alcohol for the first time. If that is the case, you have no idea what the effects will be when you consume alcohol. Without experience, even one drink can cause you to be vulnerable when driving. The legal drinking limit while operating a vehicle is .08 which may seem like a lot. It is different for everyone however and gauging alcohol without any experience is an impossible endeavor. If you intend to drive don’t drink and if you drink don’t drive. It isn’t about amount. At the age of 21, one drink is too many.

A DUI or a DWI is something that can ruin things in your future. Not only can it ruin your reputation, it may prevent you from getting your first job and being able to hold certain positions. It is something that follows you for a very long time if not forever. If you are convicted of drinking while driving, you will also see an increase in your car insurance rate. The increase can be very substantial in some cases triple and it will last for a great amount of time. Drinking while driving weighs heavily on your driving record and in turn, on your auto insurance premium.

Worst case scenario is that if you should have an accident while you are drinking and driving, you could be leaving yourself open to personal litigation as well. Insurance companies are required to cover you should someone bring a claim against you in a personal suit. They have the obligation to defend you if someone sues you. If, however, you are found grossly negligent, as in drinking and driving, they may not be required to help in your defense. If your insurance company is not going to cover you, you will be responsible not only for the litigation costs of defending yourself, but so too for any award that is placed if convicted.

Drinking and driving can have disastrous consequences to the people involved in an accident as well as the responsibility monetarily of the individual who is responsible for the accident. Now that you know the consequences, make sure that you are getting the best and lowest rate possible by simply entering your zip code and some simple information on the space provided. Fill out the form at the top of this page and within minutes you will receive several different car insurance price quotes.

Don’t waste another minute wasting your dollars, find out the best price for your policy today. You are becoming a responsible adult and as part of being one, cost savings should be part of it. Although car insurance laws vary state to state, if you are drinking and driving you are really putting others and yourself at risk for many reasons.