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Auto Insurance Cost: DUI Laws To American Citizens

Among the most frowned down upon felonies in recent history in society is drunken driving. A number of private organizations since the 1980’s have made it their mission to educate the society on the adversities and consequences of drunk driving. This coupled with the increased Auto Insurance Cost levied against a DUI offender make the individual not only bear the brunt of the crime but also feel socially sidelined for it.

Not having control over ones bad habits like drinking is seen as a weakness of some kind and people will lose respect for you especially if you killed or permanently maimed someone as a result of drunken driving. Most employers inquire on ones arrest record before employing anyone. A DUI conviction in ones record can easily make you loose on a good career or end the one you already have. Shunning of this habit is something that has been entrenched in society nowadays.

Private organizations that have been advocating for tough measures on drunk drivers like MADD have taken it upon themselves to put grades on states that take the required measures to curb this vice. States with tough laws like California were graded B+ while others like Montana were graded F. This is all in the spirit of trying to inform the public and push legislation that can reduce deaths on the roads due to DUI.

As is the norm, each state within the United States has the liberty to form its own laws regarding DUI. Shocking statistics revealed by the national traffic safety administration show that 21 percent of persons aged 15 and below in 2003, lost their lives following DUI related accidents. Furthermore, the statistics show that in 2004, DUI accidents were responsible for 39 percent of deaths on the road. The painful and shocking statistics are the reasons why organizations like MADD are hell bent on completely annihilating drunk driving.

Depending on the gravity of a DUI offense, the Auto Insurance Cost on the individual could be enormous. Despite the driver’s license suspension, heavy fines and legal fees, one could face incarceration. DUIs have become so serious that some firms have purchased policies to insulate them in such an event. The advantage to this is that each person now has to think twice before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after you have been drinking. Bars are now held accountable for letting someone drive if they are overly intoxicated. Bar tenders must have a trained eye to be able to spot a drunken customer so that they can call for a cab to take them home if they have a car.

This culture may seem too tough but it is the best way to save lives. Many people have lost loved ones or had them permanently impaled or crippled as a result of one driver not wanting to leave the bar without that last drink. Enter your Zip above to view more statistics and also to join the fight against drunk driving.