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Auto Insurance Comparison: How To Find One Even When Denied

Auto insurance coverage is mandatory in almost all states in order for a person to operate a motor vehicle. Doing an auto insurance comparison is the best way to make sure that you not only are getting the coverage for the best price possible, but that you are getting the minimum mandatory coverage needed to stay compliant. It is not enough to just have a current driver’s license; you need to have the minimum car insurance coverage as defined by the state. If you have had specific blemishes on your driving record you may be having a hard time finding auto insurance coverage. There are things on your record which will make obtaining coverage difficult, if not impossible.

Although everyone assumes that you can get auto insurance, that is simply not the case. Having auto insurance like having a driver’s license is not a right, it is a privilege. If you have things in your past that make you undesirable to auto insurance companies, they have the right to deny your coverage all together.

Auto insurance companies have basic formulas to calculate the amount of risk that each customer will cost them. There are many factors that go into the calculation. Some are things that you cannot do anything about like age, gender or location for which you reside. There are those, however, that you can control which can not only make your premiums extremely expensive, or can make you unable to be insured by most companies. If you have things on your driving record that make you very high risk, companies will charge huge premiums to cover their risk which will deter you from purchasing their policy or they will deny you all together.

Having a high number of moving violations will make you uninsurable. If you have three or more moving violations on your record then you may not be able to get insurance. In most states, three of more tickets will also mean a suspension of your driver’s license. Even two tickets will drive up the cost of your premium substantially. Being convicted of a DUI or DWI will also limit your options for obtaining auto insurance. The cost of the average person with a DUI or DWI is triple that of those in the same risk category would have otherwise. Also, having more than two accidents on your record over a specified period of time may make you uninsurable to some companies.

Having a poor driving record not only affects the amount that you will pay for your auto insurance, it also may limit your ability to get the coverage you need overall. If you are faced with a moving violation, doing what you can to strike it from your record is always a good option, it will save you in the long run. Making sure to comparison shop is the best way to get the lowest price possible. If you are having a hard time getting insurance all together, input your information and your zip code at the top of the page now to see what may be available in your area. Within minutes, you will receive a free rate quote with the specifics of what is available in your area. An auto insurance comparison may be necessary to not only find the cheapest rate possible, but to find a carrier who is willing to insure you.