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An Overview On American Auto Insurance

When shopping around for dependable car insurance from a good source, even the most experienced shoppers can get confused by the vast choices available. You should be able to know what type of coverage you require and also how much coverage you actually need. To start of here are some frequently asked questions on auto insurance and brief answers.

What is liability insurance?

Liability insurance is the amount of money you have to have when you are driving. It allows you to cover for cost that accrue in the event you cause an automobile accident and will cater for the other party you may have injured or damaged their property. In almost all the states, this is a mandatory requirement and unless you have other options such as self insurance or surety bond insurance in your state. When it comes to the question of how much of such liability insurance you should purchase, then the answer is quite simple. Each state has outlined what the minimum liability insurance obligation that each and everyone should have. However for physical injury, the law does not go above $100,000 and $25,000 for damage to property for every accident. Experts however recommend an amount of $300,000 and $100,000 respectively.

Apart from the mandatory minimum liability insurance, what other insurance is recommended?

Since liability insurance will only cover the other party, you should also consider some coverage for yourself too. In this case you might want to take up some collision coverage which will cover for costs related to damages to your car in an accident. Comprehensive coverage will cover damage that may come to your car as a result of events such as vandalism, natural occurrences, weather disasters and even theft. Another coverage you might want to have a look at is the underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage which will come in handy if the other driver you get in an accident with has insufficient or no insurance at all. However, the most important insurance to take care of you could be the personal injury protection or PIP. This insurance is mandatory in a number of states in the US and covers medical costs that the other driver’s liability insurance does not cover. It’s also known as no fault insurance.

If you own a posh car, live in a theft prone area or you are in a disaster prone area, you should heavily consider these coverage options just to avert unforeseen losses. Experts recommend the following:

$100 comprehensive insurance deductible, $250 collision insurance deductible and as for PIP coverage, you may have to ask your specific car insurance provider since they differ from one provider to another.

For more answer to questions on auto insurance in the US, just fill in the form above and in the same breath, get online car insurance quotes from the experts. Enjoy.