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All About Auto Insurance Policies

Why do I need to add another car to my existing auto insurance policy?

In our day to day lives, situations constantly change and what was important to you a few years back may not be ideal for your present needs. For example, after you get married and started a family, your sports car may not be convenient for taking your kids to school or for family road trips anymore. You want to buy another family car like a minivan and add it to you policy. Also, your teenage daughter or son may have gotten a new car and a driver’s license. Other reasons may be because you jointly own another car and need it in your policy or you have temporarily leased a car and it needs insurance coverage. After all, it is a wise decision to have multiple car insurance with the same insurer because it qualifies you for discounts that take you annual premiums lower.

How do I add another car to my policy?

To do this, all you have to do is to contact your current car insurance agent or carrier and give them your name and insurance policy number they have assigned you. You may also want to have information on who will be included in the policy following this new policy e.g. your teenage daughter or son including their names, driver’s license number, date of birth etc. Also more importantly is the make, model, year of manufacture, odometer reading, and vehicle identification number. Give information on any excluded driver and the drivers expected to drive the car. Finally, give specifics of the type of car insurance coverage you want for the new car detailing the type and amount of coverage e.g. property damage liability at $30,000, bodily injury liability at $60,000 and so forth.

How else can I achieve low cost car insurance?

Getting cheap auto insurance is not unachievable. All the factors are within control you just have to know what they are. You can lower the premiums charged by insurance companies by proving that you are a safe driver. You can do this by passing the driver’s education course which will prove to them that you are a careful driver they can trust. Also, when you buy all your insurance e.g. auto, health, life and homeowners insurance from the same provider they will give you a considerable discount. Taking additional safety steps to your vehicle e.g. installing alarm systems, anti locking brakes, anti theft locks and the likes may also substantially lower your premiums. You will end up saving hundreds of dollars at the end of the year just by doing such small things.

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