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Additions To Car Insurance Laws That Will Affect You

The cost of everything seems to be increasing on a daily basis making it harder for those struggling to keep their head above water financially. Finding low cost auto insurance is a must. With all the new changes to auto insurance laws, keeping a constant thumb on the pulse by checking rates regularly is the best way to stay ahead of the game.

Auto insurance rates are being affected continually by changing state laws and mandates. Over the past year, many new laws have been enacted that have driven up the cost of auto insurance premiums. There is a real concern today about distracted drivers. Our lives seem to be filled with so much distraction, and those distractions do not stop once we get behind the wheel of a car. Seeing the need for more stringent laws, New York and other states have enacted laws about the use of cell phones, texting and devices. It has allowed authorities to give more citations, and in return has driven up the cost for those drivers who have received citations, due to changing laws. The citations issued for these new laws weighs just as heavily on insurance costs as do other moving violations.

There are also other laws that have had a positive effect on some people’s auto insurance rates; in many states where same sex marriage is not recognized by the state, civil unions are. In cases where they are recognized, some insurance companies are offering decreased rates for couples who qualify. A discount for these unions can carry the same discount as being a married couple which can total as much as a 10% decrease in the overall premium.

Other states have passed legislation that will help the drivers within that state save on their auto insurance is California. California has passed legislation that allows its drivers to install monitoring devices within their cars. These monitoring devices keep track of the driver’s driving habits and disseminates that information to the insurance company. For those who choose to install them, there is a discount that is given. Although passed through legislation, the tracking device is completely voluntary and has to have the permission of the driver to use them.

Many states are also enacting strict law enforcement against fraudulent claims. Anti-fraud legislation lowers the cost, not only of the insurance company, but to the residents within that state. The more the state does to eliminate these claims, the more money they will save for everyone. State driving laws are affecting the insurance rates of the people who reside within them. To insure that you are getting the best price possible, input your zip code above and get several rate quotes within minutes. Getting several price quotes is the best way to make sure you aren’t overpaying for your auto insurance. Why wait another moment to start saving potentially hundreds per year. Getting low cost auto insurance is possible if you do your research and comparison shop, even more now with