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A DUI Can Increase Online Auto Insurance Rates

Buying your auto insurance online is a good way to save yourself money on your auto insurance costs. If you have been convicted of a DUI or DWI, you are probably dealing with an increase in cost. After the high cost to you personally and financially, finding the lowest cost auto insurance can best be done by comparison shopping online for your needs. If, however, you are just in the process of a DUI or DWI arrest, knowing what technology that can be used in the prosecutor’s case will help you a lot. You need to get the best defense to imperatively protect yourself appropriately.

When you are pulled over for a moving violation, an officer may suspect that you are driving under impairment. If he suspects that you have either drugs or alcohol in your system, he may choose to perform a field sobriety test. A field sobriety test is a test that is performed by the driver which test for their ability to perform basic tests. It is used to determine the potential for probable cause. This test may be declined by the driver, but if the suspicion is there, there will be further testing required.

In Most states, if the officer feels there is probable cause, he can require a driver to be subjected to something called as chemical test. Testing needs to be done between 2 and 4 hours of driving. Some tests can be performed at roadside, or in a mobile unit. There are other tests, like blood tests, that may be administered later in another location.

The preliminary test that is performed is a breath test. It is not admissible in courts as proof of toxicity, but is a means to prove that probable cause existed. If the test shows probable cause the officer may proceed to the next step which is blood, breath or urine to test for blood alcohol concentration. Blood alcohol concentration or (BAC) is a test that can test urine, blood or breathe samples for the presence of alcohol in the blood. The test used for breath is a breathalyzer. Of all the tests that are performed, it is the one with the least validity. A more reliable test is a blood concentration test. Those must be performed usually at a hospital. The third, a urine sample, is perhaps the most unreliable. A urine test does not show the correct alcohol concentration at the time of arrest. Since it takes alcohol a long time to make it through the digestive system, alcohol consumed many hours before can taint the results of what you have consumed within recent hours. Therefore, it does not hold up as well in court.

Each of the tests has their own limitations in proving a case of intoxication against a defendant. Although you are not able to choose which method they can use, taking the one with the least validity, the breathalyzer, is the best to disprove in a court of law. The best defense against a DUI or DWI, however, is always to not drink when you intend to drive. If you are arrested, however, having a good defense team is the best way to try to get yourself out of trouble. If you are convicted, however, there are consequences like an increase in your auto insurance rate.

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